Meeting Agenda 4/6/2018

April 6th, 2018 9:00

Student Life Conference Room




New Business

Trex recycling challenge wrap up

Soft plastics recycling-new hauler: A1 $25/pick-up

S-building landscape discussion with Shoreview Natives (update and certification options from Dan)

“Certifying a pollinator site is a cinch. There are a couple of options:

  • Certified Monarch Waystation – The Monarch Watch program sponsors this out of Kansas University. Good program to support, pretty popular to certify with them.
  • National Wildlife Federation Habitat Certification – NWF has a habitat certification program that this installation would qualify for.
  • Xerces Society– Xerces is an international invertebrate conservation NGO, kind of nice to promote them, and the sign is very descriptive of what the site accomplishes.
  • Wild Ones Butterfly Garden – Wild Ones has a robust chapter in the Arrowhead, I think I saw you present with them one time…? They have a nice looking sign

All of these are $20-30 to certify, so pretty affordable.”

MAP #3 – “Distinctions” Task Force: Leadership in Sustainability focus from existing courses

MREA PV Development for Institutions Course: quick update, press release

Earth Day (April 19th) update and last-minute thoughts

  • Café taste testing plan (Connie)
  • Used clothing shop

Garden/Grounds planning

  • Tree planting, May 3rd and 4th, site prep planning
    • Promotion so far, other ideas?
  • Garden Mentorship participant update

Boreal Natives and Shoreview Natives update

Summer groundskeeping and trails manger student employee needed


Old Business


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

GreenCorps project(s) update (Chris)

  • Appliance/technology proposal(s)
  • Green Office Challenge

Grounds (Danielle)



FY 18 budget balance: $2,796.65

Encumbrances to date:

  • Earth Day supplies and cookies: -271
  • Shoreview Natives: -3,000
  • Prairie Restorations: -700
  • Amazon (smart strips): -275
  • Amazon (pruners, compost bags for campus): -87.67
  • RSPT annual membership: -330
  • Menards: -300
    • Atrium soil, potting soil, landscape tools
  • Mileage reimbursement: MPCA site supervisor training: -160.50
  • Mileage B3 luncheon: -167.99
  • B3 luncheon registration: -27.37
  • AASHE annual membership: -280
  • Print/postage: -36.47


Review/revise FY18 potential budget items

  • Smart strips
  • Energy-related requests/ideas?
  • Bottle filling station for Atrium?
  • Picnic table under H catwalk, or Student Life area?
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans, exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk: pamphlet holder, plastic bag bin
  • workshops?


Next Meeting

Friday, May 4th, 9:00

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