Meeting Minutes 2/2/2018

9:00 – 10:30

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Tim Leudke, Kristi Heintz, Marissa Berger, Danielle Wood, Mike Francisco, Theresa Hornstein, Eric Brandt, Deanne Roquet, Nate Bronk, Glenn Merrick, Jenna Trenberth

General Members present:

Guest Present: Chris Whaley



Introductions and welcoming of potential new members, Tim and Jenna!


LSC to Piedmont bikeways discussion with James Gittemeier (Met Interstate Council) will happen Tues Feb 6th, from 10:30-11:30 in S2920.  Anyone interested is welcome to join.


The Twin Ports-Campus Sustainability Network (TP-CSN) is hosting a collaborative student gathering: S’Mores and Sustainability Social @ Bagley on Mar 2 from 2:00-4:00.  This is the Friday just before spring break, so no idea how many students might be interested.  Eric suggested we maybe offer an on-campus rendezvous point prior, and everyone is on their own for transport.


New Business

Kristi gave an update on the first week of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) PV Development for Institutions Course.  Each week’s module includes an assignment.  Kristi asked if the Sustainability Council would like to provide feedback on those assignments.  Some were interested, so Kristi will share the working OneDrive folder with the Council and request feedback each Wednesday before assignments are submitted.  Glenn asked what the goal of this course was.  Kristi offered that it’s an opportunity for us to be guided through content that will help us weigh a number of options for solar deployment and hopefully quantify some of the educational benefits an installation would bring.  Our NREL assessment showed a 19 kW array would be marginally cost effective, and would supply 1% of our load.


Kristi gave an update on this year’s LSC Earth Day (April 19th) presentation with Shawna Weaver from Ethical Choices Program.  Shawna is available and would like to run 2 45-minute presentations, and the Council thought an 11 and noon session would work well.  The first session focus on food, the second on conventional farming.  The group agreed we should offer some healthy and ethical food options, Kristi will ask Shawna if she has any ideas, perhaps we can collaborate with the Café?  Deanne will ask Connie if she has any ideas.  Danielle suggested maybe the Co-op can do some healthy eating demos.  Kristi will ask Heather/Roxanne if they want to incorporate that too. Jenna mentioned Open House is the following day, and it would be great to put more focus on campus clean-up for our event on the 19th.  Maybe we can ask if Student Life would provide financial incentive to clubs to help with this effort.  Glenn suggested we invite the Ikes to table, Deanne suggested we invite Julie from DNR to maybe represent the Twin Ports Climate Coalition.  Kristi will send tale invites in a couple of weeks.  If anyone has a snappy theme idea, message Kristi.


The annual Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT) dues are now due.  The dues were increased this year from $300 to $330.  The group discussed the value of our membership.  Glenn motioned to pay the dues, Deanne seconded, notion carried unopposed.


Kristi shared the Climate Committee’s request for outdoor gathering spaces.  Related, Glenn wants to plant 1,000 trees on the H-building hillside this spring.  This will require a pretty immense amount of prep and planting work.  Ideally, tree sapling planting will occur on May 4th to involve students.  Trees have been ordered from the DNR.  Perhaps we can use Earth Day to drum up interest in helping with the planting?


Kristi also asked if anyone had ideas for the front wildflower area, as the weed population has grown in recent years, almost making it unmanageable with our current manual and herbicide-free practice.  Tim and Danielle suggested reaching out to some local contractors for advice and get an idea of what it might cost to take on a project like this.  Danielle suggested more perennials like milkweed.  Kristi will hold off on our usual seed order until more planning happens.


Old Business

The Climate Leadership Network official withdrawal letter has been sent; no feedback from the CLN thus far.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

GreenCorps project(s) update:

  • Chris gave an update on his energy use analysis (employee work stations and kitchenette appliance, both normal use and phantom load) and offered some suggestions for new smart strips.  Tim noted that IT would like to test run one of each to make sure they are work for their needs.  Deanne suggested we buy 3 of each kind, Mike seconded.
  • Chris noted 4 office have completed the Green Office Challenge, and we’ve received some great feedback and offered some pretty easy change suggestions.  Kristi asked each Council member to urge their department to participate if they haven’t already.

Danielle reported the grounds are still frozen.



FY 18 total budget: $7,399.26

Encumbrances to date:

  • Menards: -300
    • Atrium soil, potting soil, landscape tools
  • Mileage reimbursement: MPCA site supervisor training: -160.50
  • Mileage B3 luncheon: -167.99
  • B3 luncheon registration: -27.37
  • AASHE annual membership: -280
  • Print/postage: -18.04


Review/revise FY17potential budget items

  • Trees for H-hillside (Glenn)
  • Energy-related requests (smart strips?)
  • Picnic table under H catwalk, or Student Life area?
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans, exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk: pamphlet holder, plastic bag bin
  • workshops?


Meeting adjourned 10:45

Next Meeting

Friday, March 2nd, 9:00

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kristi Heintz, 2/2/2018.  Posted to LSC

Sustainability Council Blog and Employee Portal Committees page.

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