LSC Launches NEW Green Office Challenge

LSC is launching its NEW Green Office Challenge in 2018!  This core  Minnesota GreenCorps member project aims to provide energy and waste efficiency information and tips to our campus employees while offering a bit of friendly inter-office competition.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Within their office suites, teams will earn points using our online survey.  One representative will complete the Green Office Challenge survey to represent their office suite/team.  The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete (easy-peasy!) and covers current practices for managing energy and waste.
  2. Each team will receive a score, based on a 37 point scale, and will receive a “Sprout”, “Sapling”, or “Leader” rank, and will be represented with a sticker to proudly display in their office.

The Sustainability Council will use the information gathered to target its outreach and innovation efforts for the year, and through 2018, they’ll create additional awards (think, “leading leader”, “most improved”, “best new idea”, “most creative accounting”….).

As of the end of May we have had 13 teams (including our office in the Biology dept.) fill out the survey.  We also have a follow up survey available so we can track the changes that offices are making.  If you would rather complete a paper version of either survey email

Questions or Suggestions:  Contact


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