Meeting Minutes 12/1/2017

9:00 – 10:30

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Kristi Heintz, Danielle Wood, Mike Francisco, Connie Moore, Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Dave Israel, Eric Brandt

General Members present:

Guest Present: Chris Whaley



The Twin Ports Campus Sustainability Network (TP-CSN) meeting 12/1 at 1:00 in the Student Life Conference Room.  Everyone is welcome to join!


New Business

Kristi outlined the history of LSC’s commitment to the ACUPCC (President’s Climate Commitment).  Three years ago, the Council decided to discontinue reporting citing other required reporting formats.  While still committed to our Sustainability Plan and the mission of the ACUPCC (Now Second Nature – Climate Leadership Network), Kristi reached out to the organization to find out if there was an option to reduce annual fees (then $750, last invoice was $900/year) and requirements.  The CLN now offers 3 “Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments” including: Climate Commitment, Carbon Commitment, and Resilience Commitment each with different reporting requirents.  The Resiliance track would be most appropriate for LSC, however, we aren’t yet sure if we find enough value in this membership for the fee.  After discussion, the Council agreed there may be value if the campus’ Marketing Department is willing to showcase it as such.  The Council suggested we bring this discussion to Administration for feedback.  Kristi will try to get a meeting with Admin during semester break.  If we decide to rescind our membership, a letter from President Johns is required, along with rational for withdrawing.


Kristi and Connie have worked to stock compostable products for department purchase in the LSC Store.  Since last meeting, Kristi talked with Student Life and Student Senate president to ask if they’d be interested in using these products for events, purchasing from the Store.  Both were very positive about the opportunity. Connie reported she has not yet purchased but will be soon and will send an update to all campus when the products are available.

Kristi also noted the compost bins are available, and maintenance will put them out when event organizers indicate they want them available (through EMS).  Kristi noted that any additional educational materials (signs, “trash talkers”, etc) should be the responsibility of the Sustainability Council and student employees.


The Council discussed some outdoor Minnesota Recycles receptacle-bottles.  There wasn’t huge support of placing these outside, however it was agreed some kind of recycling and trash should be available at every entrance.


Kristi shared the high points of the System-wide Sustainability Work Group web-meeting hosted by Emily Ziring from the System Office on Tuesday 11/28.  Kristi noted a 6-month Building Operator Training/Certification was mentioned as a really good option for building operators and energy efficiency gains.  Kristi passed that information and contact information to Mark.  Emily asked for feedback on the B3 Term Reports.  If anyone has ideas/suggestions, send to Kristi.


After several recycling complaints were communicated with Kristi from both students and employees, a detailed email including links to state recycling statutes and local ordinances were sent to Craig to convey to his staff.  A solution was found and the maintenance staff and Kristi talked about the discrepancy.

Kristi and Chris will do another energy walk-though over break, replicating results from 2009 and 2011, to quantify costs (energy and dollar) of small appliances and heaters.  This information will be useful in out Green Office roll-out.


Old Business


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

GreenCorps project(s) update

  • Chris gave a Green Office work group update. The small group met last week to go through the survey and talk through the timeline and roll-out details.  The group decided the January 4th Duty Day might be a good place to roll it out.  The group decided we would use a large map to define “teams” rather than letting people self-define.  Kristi will work on the logo design with Jean.
  • Chris updated the TP-CSN group on his EnergyMiser project at the November meeting. Jonna (from UMD) mentioned UMD has 5 new misers that they aren’t using and offered to give them to us.  Kristi picked them up; Chris will install them over semester break.


Kristi gave a 2-month update for our Trex recycling challenge.  110 pounds were counted this month, bringing us to a 165 pound total of our 500 pound goal.


Danielle didn’t have an update on grounds and garden maintenance aside from “frozen”, but Danielle will now be working with Chris to develop some infographics and other social media and blog graphics to go along with Chris’s outreach materials.



FY 18 total budget: $7,399.26

Encumbrances to date:

  • Menards: -300
    • Atrium soil, potting soil, landscape tools
  • Mileage reimbursement: MPCA site supervisor training: -160.50
  • Mileage B3 luncheon: -167.99
  • B3 luncheon registration: -27.37
  • AASHE annual membership: -280
  • Print/postage: -18.04


Review/revise FY17potential budget items

  • Bottle filling station for Atrium?
  • Picnic table under H catwalk, or Student Life area?
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans, exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk: pamphlet holder, plastic bag bin
  • workshops?


Meeting adjourned 10:30

Next Meeting

Friday, January 5th, 9:00

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