Holiday Energy Saving Tips

Quick Tips from the LSC GreenCorps Desk:

The beginning of holiday travel season is here and for many people that means travel away from home.  With so much going on during the holidays, saving energy can be an afterthought, but by doing just a few things you can save energy while you’re away from home this holiday season.

Did you know that electronics left plugged in (even when not in use) can still draw power?  The easiest way to combat this is to remember to unplug those electronics before heading out or streamline the process and plug all these devices into a power strip.  You can check your own electronics’ energy use by borrowing a kill-a-watt meter from the LSC Library.

Lighting is one of the major sources of energy for any home.  If you are looking to upgrade to more efficient bulbs but are not sure which ones you need, check out The Right Light App.  This new tool allows you to find out which bulb you need by asking you several easy questions about your existing bulbs or outlets.  Also remember to turn lights off before you leave town!  You can keep a few bulbs on a timer if you don’t want to leave your residence completely dark.

If you are leaving town for the holidays you can reduce your thermostat to about 50 degrees without fear of pipes freezing.  Also making sure that curtains and blinds are drawn can help keep heat inside the house while you are gone.

For more long-term improvements you can contact Ecolibrium3 about the Duluth Energy Efficiency Program which can offer assistance with weatherization related home energy improvement projects.  They can help you decide what improvements you want to make and also help you find any relevant tax credits or subsidies.

By just following these simple tips you can save energy while you are out and about and reduce your energy bill at the same time!

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