Meeting Minutes 10/6/2017

10:00 – 11:15

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Theresa Hornstein, Kristi Heintz, Eric Brandt, Marissa Johnsen, Danielle Wood, Mike Francisco, Jose Perros

General Members present:  Dick Haney

Guest Present: Chris Whaley



Regional Economic Indicators Forum (REIF): Exploring the influences on our region’s economy  “Economics of the Region’s Water Resources”, Keynote: Stephen Polasky Tues, October 31st, 7-9:00 am.  Registration is $25.  Contact Kristi if you’re interested in requesting Council funding to cover registration costs.


New Business

Chris gave an update of his current GreenCorps project(s).  He’s currently working to get all of our vending machines on misers while also capturing energy use data, before and after miser installation.  At the same time, he’s been researching some model college Green Office programs and will be designing something for our campus to fulfill the facility-user education and outreach committment.  He’ll have additional projects to report on each month, as outlined in the GreenCorps workplan.


Through conversations with maintenance on recycling practices, Kristi received a request from a maintenance staff to provide employee office recycling education.  Kristi brought some example “reminder cards”, and the Council discussed options to deploy these reminders along with other modalities.  Eric suggested an explanatory email be sent first to prep people for the card on their desk.


The Council also discussed an opportunity to streamline event supply purchases, favoring less waste and compostable materials.  Kristi offered that its currently a voluntary practice and she has worked with Recruiting on some changes to their event offerings, but so far no other requests for assistance have been made to the Sustainability Council.  Marissa shared a not positive experience with even waste management she had at another campus, and wondered if we could restrict some purchases or provide “acceptable” options.  Mike wondered if we might ask if Connie could bulk purchase, much like the Copy Center does for supplies, and departments could purchase from her.  This may even provide a staff time and cost saving opportunity; great ideas!  Kristi will check with Connie.


Kristi shared that a Campus Climate Committee Recommendation was put to President Johns regarding Outdoor Gathering Spaces.  The Council wasn’t quite sure about the role it could play, but will watch for president Johns’ recommendation and perhaps look for ways to provide assistance.  Regarding outdoor walking spaces, the Council will continue to work on ways to better promote the trails, including maybe adding additional trail map displays to vestibules like the one in the E building, and maybe adding some information to new student orientation materials.


Kristi shared that the latest GMW position posted does include “groundskeeping”, so potential may exist to bring additional attention to outdoor spaces, especially where it has been voiced as  a valuable asset to the campus community.


Kristi noted that the AASHE annual membership dues are up for October 31st.  Mike motioned to continue annual $280 membership, Theresa seconded.  Motion carried unopposed.


Old Business

Kristi asked Peggy to add a compost bin request toggle to EMS and Craig has moved the bins to a maintenance closet along with compost bags and composting information.  Kristi will continue to work with maintenance on best practice for managing the additional waste steam.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Kristi shared an update on the Trex recycling challenge.  Jose has been working to put more bins out, and has done some additional work to emphasize recycling bin use on campus.  Additional suggestions welcome!


Danielle gave an update on her grounds and garden maintenance work.  She’s been clearing the vegetable garden of weeds and has done work to clear the North Trail.



Encumbrances to date:

  • Menards: -300
    • Atrium soil, potting soil, landscape tools
  • Mileage reimbursement: MPCA site supervisor training: -160.50


Meeting adjourned 11:15


Next Regular Meeting

November 3rd, 2017 at 9:00


Notes submitted to SC blog and LSC Employee Portal > Committees by Kristi Heintz

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