Meeting Minutes 9/8/2017

10:00 – 11:30

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Theresa Hornstein, Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Marissa Johnsen, Deanne Roquet, Dave Israel, Wade Gordon, Connie Moore, Danielle Wood

General Members present:

Guest Present:



New Student Employees with the Council this semester are Danielle Wood and Jose Porras.  Danielle’s primary responsibilities will be in groundskeeping in fall and indoor plants and Atrium care in winter.  Jose will work primily on trail work this fall and recycling education and efforts in the winter.


Sept 17-23, Celebrate the Night Sky Week, organized by the Starry Skies Lakes Superior


Sept 19th, 11:30, Climate Conversation in S1981.  Kristi would like to provide coffee, Deanne would like tea also.  Deanne motioned to approve the Council’s purchase of coffee and tea service from the Café, Theresa seconded.

Ron Moen (Asst. Professor in the Biology Department at UMD and Senior Research Asst. at NRRI) will speak on Climate change and potential trends in NE MN mammal populations.  “Climate change is projected to increase mean annual temperature and precipitation in the upper Great Lakes region. This will affect the distribution and abundance of mammal species in the region. We used past trends in population size, climate envelope modelling, and observations to predict species responses to climate change in NE MN. Because MN is on the southern edge of the boreal forest and at the transition of prairie, northern hardwoods, and boreal forest, we will see more change than other regions. I will provide an overview of possible changes collectively and with specific species, accompanied with the caveat that we are entering a future with no historical analog.”


Glenn is organizing Interpretive Trail work for next Friday, September 15th.  Talk to Glenn for more details if you’re interested.


New Business

Kristi gave a GreenCorps member update.  The member originally assigned to our site withdrew from the program, but GreenCorps was able to get a commitment from another candidate.  That candidate is coming to us from St. Paul, so may not start on the Sept 18th, but will start sometime in September.  This candidate will be supervised by Kristi and will be housed in the Biology office area.  Part of our host site contract requires the member’s direct supervisor to attend an all-day training in St. Paul.  Connie motioned to reimburse Kristi for travel. Deanne seconded.


Kristi shared that LSC has been recognized as a finalist for their “Best of Benchmarking: Higher Ed awared” based on our year-over-year improvement in benchmark ratio from 2015-2016.  We provided some follow-up information to receive a finalist designation, and the winner will be recognized at an awards luncheon at International Market Square in Minneapolis on October 26th.  Al asked Kristi to attend the luncheon.  The Council suggested maybe the campus’ budget cover half of Kristi’s travel reimbursement, and the Council cover the other half.  Wade motioned, Dave seconded.  The Council also suggested this distinction be sent to Daniel Fanning in PR.


Kristi shared that Airpark is no longer offering soft plastics pick-up service.  In the interim, the Trex recycling challenge might be a good way to jump-start our plastics collection and could make a nice student project.  Connie suggested perhaps UDAC might be interested in helping, too.  Plastics would have to be hauled to Trex’s only program partner in the area for the 6-month challenge, Cub Foods.  After that, Kristi will look at a longer-term plan for our soft plastics.  WLSSD may accept it.


Kristi outlined the campuses Strategic Planning Goals for FY18 as they relate to the Sustainability Council.  These initiatives and goals will be our charge for the year.


After hearing several requests over the years from students and employees, Kristi obtained a quote from Max R for outdoor trash/recycle bins and put the request to Al for special expense purposes.  She has not received a response yet.


Kristi and Cliff worked with one of Matt Whitehill’s former students to map the north trail this summer.  The new maps are now printed in brochure format, and are available in the E-entrance vestibule along with a reprint of the Interpretive trailhead sign and map.


Old Business


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

None to report



FY 18 total budget: $8,450

Encumbrances to date:

  • Menards: -300
    • Atrium soil, potting soil, landscape tools


Meeting adjourned 11:05

Next Regular Meeting

October 6th, 2017


Notes submitted to SC blog and LSC Employee Portal > Committees by Kristi Heintz

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