Meeting Minutes 4/14/2017

10:00 – 11:30

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Core Members present: Theresa Hornstein, Deanne Roquet, Cliff Koski, Kristi Heintz, Eric Brandt, Nate Bronk, Marissa Johnsen, Mike Francisco, Deanne Roquet, Glenn Merrick, Dave Israel, Al Finlayson

General Members present:

Guest Present:



City Nature Challenge is April 14-18, information session at Hartley on April 15th


New Business

Kristi gave a GreenCorps application update.  Kristi had a phone interview with MPCA.  They noted there were 94 applicants for 40 positions.  We applied for the Energy Efficiency initiative, of which there were 14 host site applicants.  Host sites will be announced in late April if funds are available.  Related, MPR did a story on plug loads and office spaces you can listen to it here: Electricity, plug load, and smart strips.  This is exactly the type of project we’d have a GreenCorps member assess for impact.


Kristi has been working with Hanna and Tracy Meisterheim Chaplin to organize an “Integrating Sustainability: curriculum and campus” (still very much in draft) workshop on June 8th from 8:30-12.  Additional details will be available after Kristi meets with Tracy again on Thursday, April 20th.  Anyone that wants to give input is welcome to attend that meeting.


Earth Day is set for April 25th.  The poster is listed on the blog and around campus.  Deanne and Nate took a few to community businesses.


Kristi asked for a motion to purchase the usual spring wildflower seed mixes from Eden Brothers.  Dave motioned to spend about $150, Theresa seconded. Motion passed.


Kristi gave an update on remaining budget and the Council discussed priorities for those funds.  Cliff motioned that about $500 should be encumbered for remaining spring supplies including planter flowers, compost, mulch in addition to remaining encumbered funds at Dan’s Feedbin of $200.  Theresa seconded the motion.  Passed.


Kristi created new Recycling/Waste signs, some to accompany the new compost “Zero Waste” kits.  The .pdfs are available for anyone to print online.  The new signs will be printed, laminated, and posted on all of our triple bins this summer.


Supervisors have asked for end of year reporting on FY17 projects.  The Council compiled a list, Kristi will forward to both Hanna and Al.  The group noted that we should highlight:

  • The NREL grant,
  • Solar installation training discussions we initiated between Ecolibrium 3, MREA, Workforce and Bus & Ind.,
  • Waste/dumpster study and zero waste kits,
  • Thermal study and heated foot rests,
  • Earth Day,
  • Stormwater/green infrastructure grant and work,
  • And grounds keeping.


Similarly, the Council brainstormed initiatives for FY18.  Supervisors will take those priorities and align them with the MAP goals:

  • Deanne suggested we focus on promoting the Zero Waste kits,
  • Al suggested we provide input on energy efficiency projects accompanying the MetaSys reprogramming,
  • Kristi would like to better articulate the educational significance of the Interpretive Trail – tying to Citizen Science projects happening locally –
  • Better promote the trail systems for employee use (including mapping the north trail),
  • and finally we may better articulate our responsibility to report out and in on sustainability and energy (annually otherwise).

Kristi will forward these to Hanna and Al.


The group discussed potential purchases with remaining funds.  Parking lot islands were discussed (mulch, rock), perhaps earmark for an additional water bottle filling station in the Atrium, contracting someone to GIS the north loop trail, and a picnic table was mentioned.  Last purchase orders need to be encumbered by May 1, Kristi will work with maintenance and Al to figure out what is needed.


Old Business


Work Group and Student Employee Reports




Encumbrances to date:

  • Annual AASHE dues: -280
  • Boreal Natives (fall-spring maintenance): -$600
  • Boreal Natives (fall maintenance): -$200
  • Human Svs Dept (plastic bag removal-annual): -$280
  • Menards -$341.71
  • Dan’s -$100
  • RSPT Annual dues: -300
  • Amazon (heated foot rests, max/min thermometers): -499.80
  • Clear System Compost Collection Bins x5: -338.61
  • IOS (Earth Day supplies): -264.33
  • Amazon (groundskeeping tools, aprvd August 2016): -149


Supplies balance: $550

  • Reprint interpretive trail signs (ShelDon ~$250)
  • Spring seed ($150)

Equipment balance: $515

Conference balance: $1600

Travel balance: $1300

Purchased Svcs balance: $390

BALANCE as of today: $ 4,971.56



FY16-17potential budget items (carryover FY15-16 list)

  • Bottle filling station near Student LIfe
  • Picnic table under H catwalk
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance?
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans, exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk: pamphlet holder, plastic bag bin, compost bag dispenser
  • MnSCU Sustainability Across Curriculum workshop


Meeting adjourned 11:00

Next Regular Meeting

May 5th, 2017


Notes submitted to SC blog and LSC Employee Portal > Committees by Kristi Heintz

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