Meeting Minutes 11-4-2016


10:00 – 11:30

Student Life Conference Room



Governing Core Members present: Mike Francisco, Theresa Hornstein, Kristi Heintz, Eric Brandt, Deanne Roquet, Glenn Merrick, Alex Sundberg, Luke Turner

General Members present:

Guest Present:



Kiri Langseth-Schmidt reached out to Kristi to ask if LSC would be interested in hosting her and her husband about their recently completed international bike trip.  Their blog has some great pictures and stories:  Kristi extended the offer to the HPER faculty, Jeremy and Joshua.  Jeremy is interested in asking them to their class.  The Council thought they might be good Earth Day speakers, if they’re still in the area this spring.


New Business

Theresa shared that she’s been working with Collin in the Foundation office to establish a sustainability scholarship using the money generated at the annual plant sale.  Last year, Kim set the $500 generated aside and that could be used for a scholarship now.  Theresa ran a few questions about scholarship applicant eligibility, student status (2nd year), intended career or continuation of education, and goals.  Eric added scholarship review points cautioning that more specific scholarships sometimes don’t receive any applicants.  Theresa will address these in the scholarship development form, if anyone has suggestions, send to Theresa.  The Council agreed this will be a great tool to entice students to consider the Superior Connection transfer pathway to Sustainable Management to UWS.

The scholarship conversation veered to FYE course goals and strategies to explore these new types of options.  Patty Dorn invited Kristi to her FYE classes where she was able to share some information with students about the Superior Connection options.  Hanna has invited Kristi to join a larger group of individuals interested in defining the scope of FYE, next week.  If anyone has suggestions for that group related to sustainability, club memberships, or otherwise, talk to Kristi before Thursday November 10.


Annual dues for AASHE 2017 are due in November.  AASHE offers a number of resources to members, webinars, and conferences for the entire campus for $280 per year.  Mike motioned to remain members and pay dues for the next year, Theresa seconded, no one opposed.


Kristi brought the Sustainability Plan of Action for discussion. The plan was approved in 2011, so this marks year five.  The plan has not been updated or thoroughly reviewed.  Since we are no longer reporting our greenhouse gasses bi-annually, the Council had committed to reporting out on some kind of metric in its place.  We continue to gather energy data in B3, but haven’t created a reporting strategy yet (be it our own, STARS, etc).  The Council suggested the group review outside of regular meetings, and perhaps anyone interested will meet separately to discuss.  Kristi will send the SPA and request for review team volunteers.


Kristi brought the Sustainability Council co-chair discussion back from August.  After some discussion about the chair roles, the Council decided to forgo the “co” and support Kristi in solo chairing the committee, and review the structure after spring semester.


The Council discussed some ideas for a Gary Adams tribute.  To our knowledge, nothing has been discussed at the Administrative level, but Kristi will check with Al and Wade on this.  The Council feels it might be their role to make suggestions for this, but not necessarily our role to initiate.  Kristi will ask Wade for feedback on this strategy.


Roberta Schneider has extended an opportunity to host Dave and Amy Freeman to share their full year in the Boundary Waters.  The Council agreed they’d be a great addition to our 2017 Earth Day, and Kristi shared we’ll likely showcase the work our student employees have been doing on the waste sort, perhaps with a “Leave No Trace” theme.  Kristi will share our interest with Roberta.


Old Business

Kristi gave an update on the NREL solar analysis.  Kristi, Al, Wade, and Jon conference called with NREL and requested the adjustments discussed at October’s meeting.  They will send results to us, likely within the week.


Kristi gave an update on the solar+storage payment conundrum discussed at last meeting.  Wade is working with Workforce to find a solution.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Alex and Luke introduced themselves and the waste sort project they’re working on together as well as progress to date.  They’ll be putting a timeline together this week.  Alex gave an update on Sustainability Club membership and needs for waste sort volunteers.



AASHE annual due approved, $280


Glenn mentioned the Interpretive Trail signs need to be replaced as they are fading, and few more added.  Kristi will provide an estimate for these at the next meeting.


Encumbrances to date:

  • Boreal Natives (fall maintenance): -$200
  • Human Svs Dept (plastic bag removal-annual): -$260
  • Menards -$400
  • Dan’s -$200.02 of $300 enc

BALANCE as of today: $7,290.00


Review/revise FY16-17potential budget items (carryover FY15-16 list)

  • Picnic table under H skywalk
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance?
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans, exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk: pamphlet holder, plastic bag bin
  • MnSCU Sustainability Across Curriculum workshop


Meeting adjourned 11:30

Next Regular Meeting

December 2nd, 2016


Notes submitted to SC blog and LSC Employee Portal>Committees by Kristi Heintz



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