Meeting Minutes 11/6/2015

10:00 – 11:30

Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Mike Francisco, Theresa Hornstein, Jane Marynik, Dick Haney, Deanne Roquet

General Members present: Kristi Heintz, Aaron Ekstrom, Mel Sease

Guest Present: Jess Maki (Student Senate VP)




New Business

Kristi shared that Glenn has taken a role with the MnSCU transfer committee that will put him off campus during our monthly meeting times. The Council is comfortable moving ahead with Kristi acting in the chair role, but they’ll forgive her multi-tasking shortcoming and also won’t hold her to addressing everyone by correct names.


Kristi shared an update on plans for the new stormwater BMP project with SWCD. This project is an $8,000 Clean Water Legacy grant funded project. All costs will be covered by the grant. It will be a continuation of the Legacy Garden native planted area. The SWCD will also reimburse LSC for up to $500 to cover the cost of informational signage for the space. Wade suggested we use our internal programs to create the signs. Kristi and Glenn are meeting with Jean and Janet in PR to discuss bmp sign concept and design for the campus. After that discussion, we can move ahead with content planning.


Kristi gave an update on the community solar garden discussion with Ecolibrium3/Brett Pence. Wade, Al, and Brett met on October 19th to discuss some different opportunities for LSC. Overall, Al and Wade were supportive, and Al would like to see an informal note of intent for the Administrative Council to review. Dick noted that it would be nice to involve Minnesota Power in the conversation. Kristi shared that we’ll need to keep in mind the time and resources we have available to us, and transitioned the conversation to building efficiency analysis.


Kristi offered the B3 data dashboard and our own data that is inputted monthly for energy and water, along with other MnSCU campuses. We discussed our increasing energy and made some general observations about the trend. As an aside, Kristi shared that identifying shortcomings and missed efficiencies may be a better route to save resources, before we peruse solar. Kristi would like to get a group from across campus together to discuss this data in greater detail. Individuals identified include Jon Lintula, Chris Ringsrud, Wade, Al, Gary Adams, Jim Borg, and President Johns. Kristi will initiate the meeting in the next couple of weeks.


Mel shared an update on her paper towel reduction project. Kristi will send the draft mini-posters that will hang in the restrooms and classrooms for Council input. Kristi is also working to get paper towel purchasing data from Mark so we can compare the baseline to progress over time.


Deanne mentioned that she talked with Susie at WLSSD about our worm composting struggles. Susie has offered assistance if we needed it. Kristi gave an update on the Café’s composting and fruit fly problems. Kristi will continue to work with them on best practices.



Old Business

Deanne shared her favorite take away from the AASHE conference; a session that focused on recognizing and facing failures. She equated that to our energy discussion, and would like to see us produce a similar presentation. Jane and Aaron also shared their favorite AASHE take-aways. Jane would like to see us focus more effort on helping students see how the sustainability work we do here can be applied by students at home. She also mentioned integrating sustainability in existing courses would be a good introduction for students that may not initially show interest. Many ideas circulated about how we could do this, from videos to brown bags to CFI.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Policy and Procedure: employee reminders, education, and training needs (printing, recycling, supplies, computers, small appliance)

Carol, Kristi, Mel, Wade

Sustainability Reporting/Benchmarking: GGI, ACUPCC, MnSCU Sustainability Reporting, Superior Compact, B3, publicizing info

*Kristi, Deanne, Bruce

Grants and Awards: Pre-grant drafts and collaboration with grant office on potential opportunities

                *Deanne, Kristi, Wade

Landscape Planning: annual flower planting, rainwater harvesting, no-mow areas, rooftop gardening

*Kristi, Mike, Aaron, Theresa, maintenance rep, Wade

Sustainability in Curriculum

*Theresa, Kristi, Deanne, Glenn

-updates from Mel and Jane

-Garden Club update



Mike motioned to pay the annual AASHE dues at $280. Theresa seconded, motion passed unopposed.


FY16 Budget: $8,400

Encumbrances to date:

  • Boreal Natives (fall maintenance): -$348.68
  • Human Svs Dept (plastic bag removal-annual): -$280
  • AASHE travel (hotel for 2): -$601.58
  • AASHE registration for 2: -$575
  • Encumbered supplies (Dan’s, Shopko, Home Depot, Menards): -$700
  • Garden/Council supply shed: -$1000

BALANCE as of today: $4,895.59


FY15-16 potential budget items

  • Benches, picnic table for new SWCD swale and adjacent to E-building north exit (newly mulched area).
  • Educational signage
  • Ditch/swale/raingarden info signs
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance?
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans, exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk
  • MnSCU Sustainability Across Curriculum workshop


Meeting adjourned 11:30

Next Meeting

December 4, 2015

Notes submitted to SC blog and LSC Employee Portal>Committees by Kristi Heintz

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