Meeting Minutes 9/5/2014

10:00 – 11:45

E2028 Workforce Development Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Aaron McIntire, Theresa Hornstein, Heather Rantula, Wade Gordon

General Members present:  Dick Haney, Glenn Merrick, Carol Johnson, Al Finlayson, Jane Marynik, Melanie Kelson



Kristi introduced of SC’s new student employees: Jane Marynik will be the student employee Groundskeeping Assistant and Melanie Kelson is the student lead on the campus composting pilot study.  Both gave an update on projects they’re working on.


Midwest Renewable Energy Association (Custer, WI) will offer a solar education hour called Power Hour at LSC on September 18th in E2154 from 7:00-8:00.  It will focus on residential PV evaluations.  MREA approved installers will discuss finance. LSC agrees to help promote the event; Kristi is working with MREA’s representative on this and a campus announcement will be out soon.


Deanne presented an opportunity to attend the Recycling Association of Minnesota’s October 8th conference in Bloomington.  She also identified free resources available through their website; some may be helpful in promoting the composting pilot study and other waste sorting initiatives.


Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Policy and Procedure: employee reminders, education, and training needs (printing, recycling, supplies, computers, small appliance)

*Carol, Kristi, Mel

Carol brought the recycling/trash in office space issue to the table.  Discussion followed about maintenance best practice.  The Council’s discussion ultimately lead to an opt-in scenario where employees take responsibility for getting rid of their own garbage cans to use a centrally located trash and recycling can.  Kristi will work with Mel on past progress of this project, and re-convene the work group.

Master Facilities Plan

*Dick, Cliff, Glenn, Kristi, Theresa

No updates.

Sustainability Reporting/Benchmarking: GGI, ACUPCC, MnSCU Sustainability Reporting, Superior Compact, B3, publicizing info

*Kristi, Aaron, Deanne, Bruce

Discussion about GGI and ACUPCC in New Business.

Sustainability Kiosk: energy dashboard/demo, sustainability signage

*Duane, Rachel, Student Senate Rep

No updates.

Landscape Planning: annual flower planting, rainwater harvesting, no-mow areas, rooftop gardening

Theresa, Mike, Aaron, Kristi, Jane, maintenance rep

Kristi gave a brief update on the Boreal Natives project and potential spring projects with Janice.  Jane updated the Council on the work she and Janice did over the past month.  Further landscape and budget discussion took place in Ongoing Business.

Sustainability in Curriculum

*Theresa, Duane, Aaron, Kristi, Deanne, Glenn

No updates.

Other SE Updates

Kristi shared interested Garden Club members with Aaron.  He and/or Neldon will follow-up with those individuals.


New Business

Kristi shared that she and Glenn have been working on an updated Interpretive Trail Guide.  Designed by Jean Kirwan, the Guide follows the same format as the trail signs.  We’ve also asked Janet to include some history of the trial and 2012 flood as well.  The Guide will be housed on the LSC Sustainability and Biology Department webpages as well as


The group showed interest in a re-opening of the trail event to showcase the new interpretive signs and bridges.  October 1st (student success day) was suggested, and Deanne suggested we invite the mayor.  Kristi will work with Gary K on this.


The FY13 Greenhouse Gas Inventory was completed and submitted to ACUPCC in July.  Kristi brought discussion to the group regarding metrics fatigue and the nature of multiple reporting formats and conflicting information.  The Council discussed the value of the ACUPCC as a resource.  After discussion and feedback from Al, the Council decided the best course of action would be to submit a recommendation to the Cabinet to un-file from the ACUPCC.  Kristi and Glenn will draft a letter before the October meeting.


Theo forwarded a message pertaining to the Green Ribbon Schools new Post-Secondary Award opportunity.


As our Committee structure indicates, our Committee Structure Document is to be updated this meeting, the first of fall semester.  Membership was updated, our meeting minutes will now be posted to the employee portal as well as the SC blog, and new co-chairs were voted in for the 2014-2015 year.  Kristi and Glenn were nominated, and motions passed unanimously.


Aaron shared that Chad Johnson has extended an opportunity to anyone at LSC that might want to visit and tour Spirit Mountain Farm.  A Saturday in September would likely be the best time.  Kristi will send an email next week to gauge interest.


The Council would like to include campus sustainability in the Integrated Planning documents that both faculty and staff have been tasked with developing.  It’s due to Mark M. by October 15th.  Kristi will send an email, and ask for volunteers to complete this document, next week.


Ongoing Business

As the Sustainability Council becomes more involved in campus landscaping projects, and has now funded two major projects, Kristi suggested the Council discuss landscaping budget responsibility.  Kristi has been careful to note purchase orders that pertain to campus landscaping versus other sustainability related projects.  After lengthy discussion involving budget allocations, Al suggested we take a look at spending from this year and anticipated projects for next year, and work some initiatives into our budget proposal for FY16.  He also cautioned against proposing expenditures for any budget outside our own.  Going forward, the Council will continue to approve purchases through voting, as it sees necessary, to move landscaping projects forward.


Old Business



FY1 Budget: $8,500 

Encumbrances to date:

MN Waste Wise membership 2014-2015: -$150

Boreal Natives-Swale/Ditch project: -$5,735

Dan’s Feedbin: -$200

Menards: -$200

BALANCE as of today: $2415


FY15 potential budget items

  • Concourse lighting signage
  • Ditch/swale info signs
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans, exclosures
  • Parking lot/rain garden info signs
  • Sustainability kiosk
  • MnSCU Sustainability Across Curriculum workshop host costs



Deanne motioned to adjourn at 11:45, Glenn seconded.


Next meeting

October 3rd, 2014, 10:00 am, Student Life Conference Room


Notes submitted by Kristi Heintz


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