Meeting Minutes 2-7-2014


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon, Heather Grillo, Aaron McIntire, Heather Rantula

General Members present:  Al Finlayson, Carol Johnson, Duane Timo

Guest Present:


The Nelson Institute Earth Day at UW Madison is April 22nd.  Deanne will be going; students are encouraged to attend as well.

Kristi submitted our Energy conservation grant blog story to AASHE bulletin, it will be posted in next week’s issue

Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Policy and Procedure: employee reminders, education, and training needs (printing, recycling, supplies, computers, small appliance)

*Rachel, Carol, Kristi, Chad

No updates

Master Facilities Plan

*Dick, Cliff, Glenn, Kristi, Theresa

Al gave an update on the consultant meeting timeline and reported they were on campus this week for further discussion and will be back on February 26th.  Al made sure there was a sustainability point in the Plan, and would like the SC to put together a more comprehensive list of building needs related to sustainability.  The Council began to put a list together; Kristi will convene a work-group meeting next week to brainstorm further.

Sustainability Reporting/Benchmarking: GGI, ACUPCC, MnSCU Sustainability Reporting, Superior Compact, B3, publicizing info

*Kristi, Aaron, Deanne, Bruce

Kristi worked on the GGI a bit over break and was able to enter all data from B3 and update year’s past.  Denise updated past institutional data and also entered data for the past 2 years.  Kathy sent data to Kristi, but she hasn’t had a chance to enter all of it yet.

Sustainability Kiosk: energy dashboard/demo, sustainability signage

*Duane, Rachel, Student Senate Rep

No updates

Grounds Maintenance/Campus Appeal: annual flower planting, rainwater harvesting, no-mow areas, rooftop gardening

Theresa, Mike, Aaron, Kristi, maintenance rep

No updates

Sustainability in Curriculum

Theresa, Duane, Aaron, Kristi, Deanne, Glenn

No updates

Other SE Updates


New Business

Kristi and Deanne updated the SC committee structure: members, Governing Council, and Council co-chair responsibilities.  The Council reviewed and approved the changes.  It will be posted on the blog.

An Earth Day met Friday, January 31st to discuss themes and ideas for Earth Day.  Chad Johnson also joined the conversation and is willing to serve as a speaker for the event.  The Council discussed the theme for this year, it will follow a zero-waste idea.   Bruce is willing to offer lunch again, and Todd from Thousand Hills may be interested in coming up to serve his all-beef, grass-fed hot dogs.   The Council will again provide compostable eat wear for the event.  The Council discussed using the lunch as a lure for the speaker, and perhaps showing a short video before the speaker to get conversations going.  After attending the speaker, students would receive a ticket for free-lunch.  Students felt like this was a fair option.  Other activities for the day will include campus clean-up,  poster sessions on mini-landfill project, compost-related activities like vermiculture demonstrations and perhaps and drawing to win a home compost bin.  We will also do a cell phone collection for CASDA-PAVSA, we’ll showcase our other ongoing recycling efforts (toner, soft plastic, hard plastic and will invite Johns Twin Ports Recycling to do a collection.  Water bottles from last year, shirts, and bags from year’s past will be used as thank-yous for volunteers for the day.  The planning committee will meet next Friday, February 14th at 9:00 in the Student Life Conference Room.

Kristi mentioned that Glenn would like to take another field trip to Victus Farms in Silver Bay in April.  Deanne motioned the SC to fund Voyageur bus travel to Silver Bay for any students or staff that want to attend, Heather seconded the motion.  April 11th was ste as a tentative date, Glenn will check with Mike at Victus to confirm.

LSC will be hosting the still tentative Sustainable Twin Ports full-day training sessions in March.  Kristi asked if the Council would be interested in supporting the training through printing workbook materials and purchasing binders for each trainee.  In return, any LSC employees that would like to attend the day-long training sessions would be welcome to sit in.  Theresa motioned up to $300 be spent on printing and binders, Carol seconded the motion.

Ongoing Business

Kristi submitted the STP-LSC project “Strategic Sustainability Planning to Synergistic Results” submitted for consideration for one of 5 annual AASHE Sustainability Case Study awards.  Stay tuned…

Old Business 


FY14 Budget: $9,000 

Encumbrances to date:

MN Waste Wise membership 2013-2014: -$150

Open PO for Menards (landscaping supplies: azalea mulch, planter flowers): -$200

Open PO for Menards (Interpretive trail supplies) – $200

AASHE membership: -$280

Airpark plastic bag recycling program: -$208

Rene Fall (Int Trail GIS mapping): -$320

UMACS Kristi travel and registration: -$758.39

ACUPCC annual 2013-2014 membership: -$750

Eden Brothers (seed mix for S-bldg): -143.96

Grainger for faucet aerators: -$85

BALANCE as of 1/14/2014: $5918.65

FY14 potential budget items

  • Concourse lighting signage
  • Bottle filling station for ERTC (did this happen in FY13?) and downtown campus
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance
  • Outdoor recycling cans
  • Interpretive Trailhead sign
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans
  • Parking lot info signs
  • Legacy: fencing for exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk
  • MnSCU Sustainability Across Curriculum workshop host costs

Next meeting

March 7th, 2014, 9:00 am, Student Life Conference Room

Notes submitted by Kristi Heintz

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