Meeting Minutes 12/6/2013


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Glenn Merrick

General Members present:  Glenn Merrick, Dick Haney, Duane Timo

Guest Present: Heather Williams




Work Group and Student Employee Reports

Policy and Procedure: employee reminders, education, and training needs (printing, recycling, supplies, computers, small appliance)

*Rachel, Carol, Kristi, Chad

Kristi relayed the information Rachel compiled for UMD’s green office program.  The group through the idea had some great potential.  The next step will be to make the criteria more specific to LSC.  After those criteria are decided upon, the group can discuss rating protocol.

Master Facilities Plan

*Dick, Cliff, Glenn, Kristi, Theresa

Dick gave a report on the Master Plan consultant meeting.  Dick, Cliff, Theresa, and Kristi met with the consultants and discussed sustainability related ideas with them.  Trails and accessibility along with grounds maintenance schedules were discussed.  Cliff and Dick are putting together maps to forward to the consultants for trail development potential.

Dick also reported that he, Glenn and Kristi hiked the interpretive trail toward Trinity Road with Judy Gibbs from the City of Duluth.  They were looking for connector opportunities to the Superior Hiking Trail.  Trinity Road is a definite barrier, as access through the stream tunnel is limited, but Judy is looking at options on the east side of the road.

Sustainability Reporting/Benchmarking: GGI, ACUPCC, MnSCU Sustainability Reporting, Superior Compact, B3, publicizing info

*Kristi, Aaron, Deanne, Bruce

Kristi is working to clarrify and update past GGI data in the new Clean Air Cool Planet web application system.  Some data was improperly translated when the old excel format was uploaded.  Once that is complete, Al instructed Kristi to talk with supervisors of those who will be responsible for compiling data to discuss opportunities for collaborative data input.  Kristi hopes to have those discussions over semester break.

Sustainability Kiosk: energy dashboard/demo, sustainability signage

*Duane, Rachel, Student Senate Rep

Duane reported he is working on software options.  He will work on content over break and next month.  Kristi reported that she Steve Fudally has voiced concern for an open access touch screen format.  They’ll continue to work on options to limit access to intended site content.

Grounds Maintenance/Campus Appeal: annual flower planting, rainwater harvesting, no-mow areas, rooftop gardening

Theresa, Mike, Aaron, Kristi, maintenance rep

Kristi reported that the S-building seeding project was completed before it snowed.  There was some soil moved during the first snow’s plowing, but re-seeding will be a spring priority.

Neldon reported that he did some sapling and weed trimming on the rain gardens before winter as well.  He also completed some forebay sand removal.  There was about 2 bucket loads of sand removed.  He also noted that a screen should be placed at the outlet pipe to keep trash and other debris out.

Sustainability in Curriculum

Theresa, Duane, Aaron, Kristi, Deanne, Glenn

Theresa reported she has been in conversation with Jenni about a potential start date for course offerings in the Food Systems articulation.  Theresa will continue to update the Council on developments.

Other SE Updates

Neldon reported he found options for aerator adapters through Grainger.  We’ll get a final count and purchase enough to cover the Health and Science building faucets.


New Business

The Council reviewed the HLC comments from our STP AQIP update.  Overall, there were favorable comments and the last phase of the project will be reporting on the process of integrating sustainability into our Master Facilities planning document.

Downtown campus energy projects-tabled for next meeting (Wade)

Update SC Committee structure: members, Governing Council, and Council co-chair responsibilities – tabled for next meeting


Ongoing Business 



Old Business

ACUPCC Progress Report was submitted last month.  We’re still working to streamline the process and make the collection of more complete information a bit easier.

Kristi gave a lackluster report of the UMACS conference.  The next conference will be in 2 years at Bemidji State.

The group talked a bit about hosting the next Sustainability Across the Curriculum conference.  The group talked about funding, timing, and organization.  Further discussion at the January meeting.

Renee and Cliff finished the Interpretive and other trails mapping project. Cliff is working on measuring the trail distance, then Kristi will send the materials to Jean for design.  We hope to have the sign installed by spring.  Also, Kim Parmeter (LSC Foundation) has discussed the opportunity to use the trails for a snowshoeing fundraiser this winter.  Dick and Kristi have both talked with her and will continue to assist where needed.


Budget                                                                                                                                     FY14 Budget: $9,000 

Encumbrances to date:

MN Waste Wise membership 2013-2014: -$150

Open PO for Menards (landscaping supplies: azalea mulch, planter flowers): -$200

Open PO for Menards (Interpretive trail supplies) – $200

AASHE membership: -$280

Airpark plastic bag recycling program: -$208

Rene Fall (Int Trail GIS mapping): -$320

UMACS Kristi travel and registration: -$758.39

ACUPCC annual 2013-2014 membership: -$750

Eden Brothers (seed mix for S-bldg): -143.96

FY14 potential budget items

  • Concourse lighting signage
  • Bottle filling station for ERTC (did this happen in FY13?) and downtown campus
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance
  • Outdoor recycling cans
  • Interpretive Trailhead sign
  • Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans
  • Parking lot info signs
  • Legacy: fencing for exclosures
  • Sustainability kiosk

Next meeting

January 17th 2013, 9:00 am, Student Life Conference Room


Notes submitted by Kristi Heintz


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