Meeting Minutes 9/6/2013


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Aaron McIntire, Kristi Heintz, Mike Francisco, Carol Johnson

General Members present:  Dick Haney, Glenn Merrick,

Guest Present: Al Finlayson, Rachel Peterson, Duane Timo



Sustainable Twin Ports Public Showcase is October 3rd at Spirit Mountain Grand Avenue Chalet at 4:30.  Greg Benson, CEO and co-founder of Loll Designs will be the keynote speaker and Greg Tiburzi will provide music. 

Healthy Duluth Area Coalition’s: City-wide bike/ped count is September 11th and they’re looking for volunteer counters for two-hour counting shifts.  Contact Kristi or Dick for more information.


This year’s UMACS conference is November 8-9 in Decorah, Iowa: The Sustainability Council will have a poster presentation related to the Sustainable Twin Ports project. 


No smoking signs have been posted at the trail’s secondary entrance, where smoking has typically be a big problem.  Student employees will continue monitor the trash and cigarette butt situation.


Student Employee & Work Group Reports

Garden Club:  Aaron reported that the vegetable garden is doing well and some vegetables have been harvested.  Some were used to garner interest for the Club at the Welcome Week table.  Kristi added that the structure of the garden was a huge undertaking and the Club did a great job at persisting through the many hurdles they encountered.  Kristi also commended Aaron on his summer watering responsibility at the S and E building entrances.  The Council will discuss its role in these landscaping projects in work groups.

Interpretive Trail Maintenance:  Glenn reported that our trails student employee, Steve, started trail clearing work Thursday.  He’ll also work on creating some tread way over a couple of seeps at the west end of the trail.  Al mentioned the need to clarify the signage for the secondary “blue” trail the circles the campus.  Hiking signs were installed, but Steve will re-evaluate the effectiveness of the signs in late fall.  This should also be mapped, perhaps another project for Civil Tech.  Cliff’s survey class will be shooting points on the course next week to update the map.  Dick also mentioned the idea of linking to the Superior Hiking Trail.  This would be a good focus group project.  Kristi proposed a trail re-grand opening once the new trail head sign is installed, possibly in late fall.  Glenn and Carol suggested a Student Success Day walk, and make sure the handbook includes information about the trail.  Safety concerns were discussed.  Al will talk with Wade to see if we have any options available to us.

Water aerators from CERTS:  The Council purchased aerators from Niagra Conservation.  Student Employees will install these this fall and keep track of the amount of water saved.  We’ll crunch some numbers and publicize potential savings (estimated to be $100 per faucet per year).  Mike suggested signs near bathroom faucets or mirror clings.  Al suggested promotion at the sustainability kiosk.

Sustainability Kiosk:  Al reiterated his sustainability kiosk idea.  Kristi has some design ideas for a hallway location outside student life.  This will be discussed more in a focus group.

New Business

The Council briefly discussed updates to the SC Committee Structure.  Kristi will look into policy for campus committee chair position.  Discussion tabled until next meeting.  The group also approved changing the occurrence of full Council meetings to once per month with focus groups meeting throughout the month and reporting back to the full Council monthly.  Full Council will meet the first Friday of each month at 9:00 am.


The Sustainability Council reviewed Jean’s poster design for the Sustainable Twin Ports Public Showcase.  It looks great.  Kristi will forward the design to STP for printing.

Sustainability Council’s goals and roles for the year: Many ideas generated today’s meeting will fit into focus groups, outlined below.  Kristi will email the list of focus groups to SC members.  Please sign up for at least one group when you receive the email, and indicate your willingness to organize meeting times.

SC Focus Groups

1. Policy and Procedure: employee reminders (printing, recycling, supplies, computer shut-off, small appliances), student reminders
2. Master Facilities Plan: landscape planning, trails, stormwater, campus green space
3. Sustainability Reporting: Greenhouse Gas Inventory, ACUPCC bi-annual reporting, MnSCU Sustainability Reporting, publicizing results
4. Sustainability Kiosk: energy dashboard/alternative energies demonstration, sustainability signage, seating
5. Grounds Maintenance/Campus Appeal: annual flower planting/seeding, rainwater harvesting system, no-mow area, rooftop gardens
6. Sustainability in Curriculum


AQIP/STP Progress Report: Is due to Kent by September 23rd.  Kristi will work on the report and send it around for review.


Ongoing Business


Old Business



FY14 Budget: $9,000  

MN Waste Wise membership 2013-2014: -$150

Open PO for Menards (landscaping supplies: azalea mulch, planter flowers): -$200

FY14 potential budget items

·         Concourse lighting signage

·         Bottle filling station for ERTC (did this happen in FY13?)

·         Additional bike rack for main entrance

·         Outdoor recycling cans

·         Interpretive Trailhead sign

·         Interpretive Trail bench, trash/recycling cans

·         Parking lot info signs

·         Legacy: fencing for edible exclosures

·         Sustainability kiosk

·         Rain water collection system



Next meeting

October 4, 2013, 9:00 am, Student Life Conference Room


Notes submitted by Kristi Heintz

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