Meeting Minutes 2/1/2013


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Sarah Newport

General Members present:  Glenn Merrick, Aaron McIntire, Stephen Erickson

Guest Present:


Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference @UW Madison: Apr 15, 2013.  Last chance to contact Kristi and Deanne, registration will be done next week.

The updated EC Calendar is on SharePoint.  You can click the link or get to it through the employee portal>click on committees (left hand panel)>Environmental Council.  Kristi will keep this updated with meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Stephen Erickson has been hired as an Environmental Council Student Employee.  Welcome, Stephen!

Student Employee & Work Group Reports

Student Senate Legacy Project:  Lengthy conversation was had about opportunities for the EC to support the mission of the Legacy Project.  The EC would like to donate a bench or fruit trees.  Sarah will communicate this with their Student Senate at their next meeting.

New Business

A regional Sustainability “Folks” meeting will be held next at LSC in the H-building.  The meeting will be February 26th (Student Success Day). After reviewing participant’s availability, 2:00-3:30 seems to be the best time.  Kristi will send an update to participants.

Chad Johnson (Physics tutor) has been working on an exciting project in his personal life!  He’s working with Sepp Holzer ( and his Permiculture/Agroecology technology.  He’d like to make some connections with local educational institutions, possibly bringing Sepp in for a speaking engagement.  The Sustainability Folks meeting may be a good place to make that connection.

Earth Day Planning:  Heather joined us today to begin discussions for Earth Day at LSC.  It will be April 23rd and possibly some activities on the 24th.  Ideas generated include:

  • Creating a theme for the day focused on local/regional food
  • Community and student tables, as usual
  • Lunch, possibly a bar-b-que.  Bruce will talk with Cara at Upper Lakes Foods about their potential involvement.  Food would have to be prepared for up to 250 people.
  • Presentations:
    • Sarah would like to present on the importance of utilizing local water sources instead of bottled water (i-net cafe)
    • The Garden Club could present or demonstrate gardening techniques, inviting students to help with early fall planting or fencing on the LSC edible garden (atrium or outside)
    • The Student Senate could be involved in showcasing their Legacy Project (Sarah will meet with them to see if they’re interested in pursuing this)
    • Campus Clean-Up, including adopt-a-parking lot groups
    • Entertainment: student open mic, possibly outside
    • Possible Interpretive Trail re-opening, if new trailhead sign is finished (could be incorporated with clean-up)
    • Give-aways (for volunteers only): water bottles

Ongoing Business


Old Business



FY13 Budget: $9,000

Expenses since last meeting:

-2 night hotel for MnSCU Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshop at NHCC: $199.98

-2 energy efficient heated foot rests: $105.28

Balance as of 1/17/2012: $7,271.26

Ideas for remaining purchases (from last meeting):

  • Concourse lighting signage
  • 2 additional heated foot rests to replace space heaters
  • Semi-permanent recycling signage
  • Bottle filling station for ERTC
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance
  • Interpretive Trailhead sign
  • Food/promo materials for Earth Day

Ideas were also generated for ways to ask the campus community on funding opportunities for projects or equipment with energy efficiency in mind.  MSUMoorhead’s environmental group has a proposal for funding form available to the campus community for funding request.  Kristi will talk with Al about the EC doing something similar.



Next meeting

February 15st, 2013, Student life Conference Room at 8:30


Notes submitted by Kristi Heintz

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