Meeting Minutes 1/18/2013


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Mike Francisco, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon, Sarah Newport

General Members present:  Dick Haney, Aaron McIntire, Neldon Herron

Guest Present:


Regional STEM Workshop: Community-Engaged Learning and Food Sustainability Regional Workshops May 16th at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. The schedule hasn’t been posted yet.

Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference @UW Madison: Apr 15, 2013.  Anyone interested in going should contact Deanne and Kristi by next week.  The EC budget will fund 8 attendees. Deanne, Neldon, and Sarah all showed interest in attending.  Kristi will forward the invitation to the Student Senate as well.

-Dick reported that the next LEAP (Local Energy Action Plan) meeting will be January 29th at the DTA.  Check the link for more information.

Student Employee & Work Group Reports

Student employees Neldon and Sarah will meet next week to discuss the semester’s planning.  Kristi is still planning to hire one more student employee.  Sarah and Neldon have agreed to tag-team the effort to represent the EC at Student Senate meetings and report back on relevant items.

Neldon and Aaron hope to do an indoor/small space gardening workshop in early spring.  Deanne suggested they contact Paula to do a Student Success Day session.


New Business

The EC discussed remaining budget planning.  Expenses forthcoming for the remaining year include:

  • Earth Day speaker/promo supplies
  • MnSCU Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshop lodging and travel for Glenn, Deanne, and Kristi (~$300)
  • Earth Day Conference at UW Madison lodging, registration, and travel for up to 8 people

Ideas generated for remaining purchases:

  • Concourse lighting signage
  • 2 additional heated foot rests to replace space heaters
  • Semi-permanent recycling signage
  • Bottle filling station for ERTC
  • Additional bike rack for main entrance
  • Interpretive Trailhead sign

Kristi and Wade will begin a study to quantify energy money spent on space heaters.  To begin, Kill-O-Watt meters will be placed on a selected heater and tracked for a week and a Kill-O-Watt meter will be placed on a heated foot rest for the same time to demonstrate energy savings.

STP Early Adopters cohort update:  Wade announced that the President’s budget will pay for the Early Adopters training and Al has agreed to be a part of the training team.  The remaining 2 members are yet to be decided.

LSC’s ACUPCC bi-annual Report was due January 13th.  Kristi is working on it, but it isn’t complete yet.

A regional Sustainability “Folks” meeting will be held next at LSC in the H-building.  The Council suggested February 26th (Student Success Day).  Kristi will email Mindy at UMD and ask if that works for her.  If so, Kristi will send a doodle meeting request to contacts.

The EC discussed hosting a 5R recycling event again his year.  The consensus was that although it is a hugely beneficial event, we are too busy this year and that we should make it a bi-annual event.  Kristi will contact the City and WLSSD and ask if they’d like to organize the event this year.


Ongoing Business


Old Business



FY13 Budget: $9,000

Expenses since last meeting: IOS-Business Office foot warmer -$45.13

Balance as of 1/17/2012: $7,576.52


Wade motioned to purchase two more space heaters, Mike seconded the motion.  Motion passed un-opposed.

Deanne motioned to limit the number of participants the EC budget funds to attend the UW Madison Earth Day Conference to 8 people.   The EC will cover travel, food, lodging, and registration. Mike seconded the motion.  Motion passed un-opposed.

Next meeting

February 1st, 2013, Student life Conference Room at 8:30

Next meeting’s discussion will focus on Earth Day planning, Heather will attend this next meeting.


Notes submitted by Kristi Heintz


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