Meeting Minutes 11/30/2012


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon, Mike Francisco

General Members present:  Glenn Merrick, Dick Haney

Guest Present:




Student Employee & Work Group Reports

Purchasing Policy update: Wade, Mike and Kristi met again to review the 2nd draft of Environmental Responsible Purchasing Policy and Efficient Use Policy.  At today’s meeting, members present reviewed the documents and made final suggestions.  Kristi, Wade, and Mike will meet with Kathy Dugdale on Friday, then the Policies will be submitted for campus review.

New Business

North Shore Community School glossy paper partnership update:  After discussion with Roger and Heather, it was decided that this will not be an option for LSC, as Student Life would like to reserve that fundraiser for groups on campus.  The fundraiser is currently well utilized.  Kristi contacted Dan at NSCS.

Sustainable Twin Ports Deanne contacted Larry Hempd, and he’s agreed to attend the Administrative Council’s meeting next Wednesday at 8:00 am where we will formally propose the Early Adopter’s Plan.  Wade will be there, and Kristi, Theresa and Deanne will also be there to represent the EC.


Ongoing Business

Deanne would like to invite Heather and any Student Senate/Student Life members to our January meeting to begin discussions for Earth Day, which is on Monday, April 22nd.


Old Business



FY13 Budget: $10,000


Expenses since last meeting: none

System Hold ($1000)


Balance as of 11/9/2012: $7,628


Next meeting

December 14th, 2012, Student life Conference Room at 8:30


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