Meeting Minutes 11/9/2012


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon

General Members present:  Jeri Schwerin

Guest Present:



ERTC’s Adopt-A-Lot: The Fire Tech Club requested to adopt their parking lot at the ERTC campus.  A sign has been made and sent to them to put at the parking lot entrance.

Adopt-A-Parking Lot lower lot clean-up will be next Thursday, November 15th, at 10:00.   Kristi has requested that Mat post the announcement to facebook, asking for any student volunteers.  Anyone that would like to help can meet at the East entrance.


Student Employee & Work Group Reports

Purchasing Policy update: Wade, Mike and Kristi met last week to discuss initial change to the first draft of the Environmental Responsible Purchasing Policy and Efficient Use Policy.  After one more small-group meeting, the Council decided a hard copy of the Policies should be proofed and initialed by each Environmental Council member, especially voting members.  Kristi will send an email next week with more information.

Plastic water bottle alternative proposal  Kristi sent an email request to Wade to forward to Administration about the opportunity to replace single use plastic water bottles with compostable cups.  Two alternative products were outlined, and the cost comparison and disposal options were highlighted in the email. Kristi spoke with Suzie at WLSSD about the potential to drop compostable cups at their composing facility.  This option depends on the type of product used (material) and quantity.  These cups could be handed out at events such as Open House, Student Success Day and Earth Day.


New Business

North Shore Community School contacted Kristi about the possibility of using our campus as a collection point for glossy paper.  NSCS has been recycling glossy paper at New Page for years, and would like to expand their collection sites.  All funds rasied from collection would go to North Shore Community School.  Although the community partnership opportunity is positive, the Council advised we first check with Student Life to find out how consistently the collections are happening here by our own campus groups.  Currently, PTA is collecting for a trip.  Kristi will follow-up with Heather.

Sustainable Twin Ports Cara Lindberg, STP Board President, met with Bruce, Deanne and Kristi on Thursday about our potential participation in this year’s training cycle.  All members agreed it would be a great opportunity if we got the right campus stakeholders involved.  Representation from the Deans, Public Information, faculty, Wade again suggested we propose it as an AQIP project.  Kristi was mistaken and under the impression that we missed that opportunity, but the AQIP team will meet again in December and will review suggestions.  Wade will follow-up with Kent.  In the meantime, Deanne will contact Jerry Hembd about meeting with the President’s Cabinet soon to propose the project.  The Council would like to move forward with the project, regardless of its affiliation with AQIP.  Another notable attribute of STP is the metric they’re creating, based on the STARS system, which would be free to us with participation.  The City of Duluth has agreed to go through the metric on a beta version basis and Cara noted there may be an opportunity for LSC to go through the beta test as well.  She also noted the tuition rate for us would be substantially less if we agreed to host the 5 meetings through the 6 month cycle.

Ongoing Business


Old Business



FY13 Budget: $10,000


Expenses since last meeting: none

System Hold ($1000)


Balance as of 11/9/2012: $7,628


Next meeting

November 30th, 2012, Student life Conference Room at 8:30


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