Meeting Minutes 10/12/2012


Location: Workforce Development Conference Room


Governing Council members present:  Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Amy Brooks

General Members present:



St. Louis River: Past, Present, Future Social Event, hosted by St. Louis River Alliance, will be held November 14th at Spirit Mountain’s Moosehead Conference Room from 5:00-7:00 pm.  Contact Kristi for more information.

After many years of service to the LSC community and the EC, Carol Johnson will be leaving.  Unfortunately, the Upward Bound Program funding has not been renewed for our campus.  The EC agreed a going-away social be organized on Thursday the 25th at 5:00 at Blackwater.  Anyone interested can join, contact Kristi or Deanne for details.

Fall open house is November 1st, 2:30-6:30.  The Biology Dept has arranged for 2 tables, the EC will share with the Garden Club.


Work Group Reports

None to report on at this time


New Business

STARS Kristi revisited the idea of continuing our planning for AASHE STARS tracking.  In light of requests from Administration to show accountability and numbers, this would be a good tool to track progress over time.  Registration in STARS is $900 the first year and $450 each consecutive year.  Cliff also pointed out that we could use the STARS framework without registering, but then we miss out on the promotional aspect.  The discussion is tabled until next meeting.

AQUIP Project Proposal Kent has asked for AQUIP Project proposals.  Wind energy was brought to Kent’s attention from a campus individual outside the EC.  Kent stated it wasn’t a viable AQUIP Project for many reasons but forwarded the request to Deanne for EC consideration.  We all agree it’s beyond our scope of project planning.

Sustainable Twin Ports Deanne, Bruce, Glenn, and Jim all attended the Early Adopters Social last week.  All were in agreement that it may be a good fit for LSC.  The Strategic Sustainability Training happens over the course of a year and costs $3,5000.  The training would require 2-5 people from campus to be involved and committed to about 80 hours of training over the course of the year.  Theresa will take this to AQUIP as a potential project idea and discussion will continue at next EC meeting.


Ongoing Business

Kristi gave an update on Interpretive Trail signage and bridge work.  Larry Sampson from the SHTA has been helping with design and construction of the 2 Interpretive Trail bridges.  Both sets of stringers are almost completed and set.  ERTC students have been incredibly helpful in getting this much accomplished.  Kristi suggested we treat them to lunch for all their hard work.  John Calcaterra’s carpentry students have built and assembled cedar frames for the new Interpretive Site Signs that Jean designed.  Adam has installed most of the frames and will work on putting the signs in sometime in the next month.

Maintenance trash/recycling update: Vaughn was not present to report.


Old Business

Beach Sweep and Adopt-A-Parking Lot kick-off event was a success.  Kristi and Amy both helped to organize the volunteers.  We had 5 of 9 groups represented and the 30 individuals collected about 35 of trash.  Stat sheets were sent to Andrea at the Aquarium.  Andrea sent out community stats: 20 total sites were cleaned and over 1300 pounds of trash were collected.  As a thank-you, participants have free access to the Aquarium on Friday October 18th from 6:00-8:00 pm.

Minnesota Waste Wise Annual Meeting report: Theresa, Cliff, and Kristi all attended the Meeting this year in Chaska at the Landscape Arboretum.  They all agreed the EC should take a field trip to the Arboretum in the summer.  They gathered a lot of ideas for campus landscaping.  They also reported on some of the speakers at the meeting.  Overall, a great experience and a great lunch!



FY13 Budget: $10,000


Expenses since last meeting:

System hold ($1000)


Balance as of 10-10-2012: $7938.44


Next meeting

Next meeting is October 26th at 8:30 in the Student Life Conference Room

Notes Submitted by Kristi Heintz


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