SWCD and the Miller Creek Watershed

From the Miller Creek TMDL to the Jumbo Gully Project below LSC’s overflow parking lot, the South St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District’s (SWCD) is passionate about protecting our natural resource:

From the SWCD Miller Creek Watershed webpage

Miller Creek Watershed overview
Miller Creek is unique in that it is a designated trout stream located within a heavily developed urban corridor (the Duluth Miller Hill Mall Area and the City of Duluth). Miller Creek has been the subject of myriad studies and has received much attention over the past few decades. The watershed is approximately 10 square miles. It originates from headwater wetlands in Hermantown and empties into Lake Superior at 26th Ave. West just below Lincoln Park.

The primary concern with Miller Creek is the decline and potential loss of the brook trout fishery in the creek. Related concerns include increased water temperatures, sedimentation, loss of habitat, and high chloride and metals concentrations. The overall goal of the Miller Creek Watershed Restoration Project is to provide for a viable, self-sustaining urban trout fishery, as well as to educate the public regarding watershed health and urban impacts to area trout streams. “


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