Meeting Minutes 6/18/2012


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Deanne Roquet, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Mike Francisco, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon

General Members present:  Mat Gilderman

Guest Present:



Gardening Club update: Kristi mentioned last week’s rain garden and S-building rock swale weeding work done with the Gardening Club.  The small group of worker bees included Mary Beebe, Jeri Schwerin, Adam Johnston, Aaron Mcintire, and Kristi Heintz.  The group is hoping to do more work on the west lot next week and also organize an LSC community mini-workshop focusing on plant identification.  Wade suggested Matt Whitehill do some rock identification/labeling as well.

A discussion about the responsibility of ongoing garden maintenance came up as well.  Many ideas were brought up, one possible campus participation idea included starting a spring “Green Thumb” project or award.  Offices or departments could take on a flower bed or pot and take care of it for the summer.

New Business

FY13 Priorities/Projects/Goals Planning The group identified a few priority projects for FY13.  They included:

  • working with facilities to put together a comprehensive landscape plan
  •  working with Food Service in many projects related to our campus food supply
  • and creating a  Purchasing and Energy Use Policy for the campus

Legacy Project Update Kristi updated the EC on the Senate’s work on the legacy project.  So far the grass has been killed off and Boreal Natives is supposed to have the grass seed laid by the end of the June.  The plan to move donated stone to campus for paths and tables had some challenges and that portion has been put on hold. The SS will keep us posted on the project.  The EC again mentioned the importance of signage for plants etc.  Kristi will work with the SS on this.

Interpretive Trail Signs have been printed and are ready for installation. Jean Kirwan and Janet Blixt did a fantastic job designing and editing the signs that Glenn compiled information for.  Kristi and the Environmental Science work study, Adam, will be working on the installation in mid-July.  An announcement will be made at fall Duty Day to highlight the new signs.

Re-Use Room Update The re-use room is being well utilized.  Many used items were transferred from the old AA supply room to the re-use room when supplies moved to the Copy Center.  Kristi spoke to Mark Magnuson about getting shelving put into the new adjunct work space (formerly the Learning Center) and moving many of the supplies into that space permanently in early August.  Mark was very supportive of the idea.

Food Service Director invite Deanne will invite Bruce to our next meeting, tentatively set for July 16th.  The meeting may be changed to accommodate his schedule.


Ongoing Business

Adopt-A-Parking lot signs were printed by State Sign Shop.  They will also print the names of the adopting groups as vinyl stickers.  These signs will be installed in August.  Kristi will talk to Mary Nienaber about announcing this project at Duty Day as well.

LSC Sustainability Website Kristi met with Steve Fudally about the lack of upkeep on the LSC Sustainability Webpage linked to the LSC site.  The two of them decided to replace that webpage with the EC’s Sustainability blog site.  Steve will re-work the format of the blog to make it more consistent with other Department blogs, including an LSC logo.


Old Business

Campus Accessibility Survey results are posted on the blog.



PO encumbrances since last meeting:

  • Adopt-A-Parking Lot signs (MN State Industries): $130
  • Interpretive Trail Signs (ShelDon): $212
  • Water bottle station: $1492
  • Budget balance end FY12 ($0)


Next meeting

Next tentative meeting is July 16th


Notes Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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