Meeting Minutes 4/13/2012


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Carol Johnson, Deanne Roquet, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Mike Francisco, Theresa Hornstein

General Members present:  Glenn Merrick, Kevin Lindgren, Heather Grillo

Guest Present: Neldon Herron



Sigrud Oldon Lecture Series  is at UMD, Wednesday April 18th at 12 noon in the library rotunda

Campus Climate Idols Mindy Granley at UMD contacted Kristi about LSC being a part of the GreenCorps member facilitated Campus Climate Idols project.  The project includes UMD, CSS, and Duluth Sister Cities.  Kristi didn’t have many details, and nobody had any recollection of this being discussed.  Kristi will follow-up with Mindy for more details.

Greenhouse Gas Report for 2011 has been submitted.  Cliff and a work-study gathered and compiled the data and submitted to ACUPCC.  Kristi will send the information to Mat for the weekly Newsplash and will post on the blog.  Deanne suggested a certificate be created for the work-study that completed the data collection.


Work-Study & Work-Group Reports

Vending Misers:  Lance was not present to report, but Kristi posted the miser story on the blog and shared it with the Council.  Kristi will send this to Mat for the Newsplash.

Earth Day & 5R Update  Heather updated everyone on the upcoming Earth Day activities and Kristi gave an update on 5R.  Volunteers for 5R are needed for all time slots.

Arbor Day/Legacy Project update  The Student Senate is still moving forward with the planned Legacy Landscaping Project.  Cliff worked with the Senate Involvement Committee to draw up a plan.  After meeting with President Johns and Jeff West from Boreal Natives, the plan has been altered a bit to include a lower spot on the front lawn.  This location will serve more of a stormwater mitigation purpose and will enable more incorporation of diverse moisture tolerant plants and grasses.  The group still hopes to begin work in late April.

“Local Sustainability Folks” meeting:  The proposed April 19th meeting did not work for most individuals.  May 3rd was suggested as a new date.  Kristi will send an email to gauge interest in this date.

The future of the styrofoam shredder is in question.  The second machine is now built, and there is plenty of material to shred.  Max would like to give up the responsibility of shredding and getting rid of materials, as there is no longer a club willing to put time into doing the shredding.  Deanne suggested contacting Demolicious or Bemidji State to see if either of them would be interested in the machine.  Kristi has contacted WLSSD for the same reason.  Heather mentioned Student Life will no longer give money to clubs for shredding because of safety concerns.  Kristi will ask Bill to take the advertisement for collecting styro off of the monitors and will inform Lolly to direct the public away from LSC for drop-offs.

H-Building LEED Signage  Kristi is working with Mat on the mandatory LEED educational signage.  If anyone has suggestions on type of signage or content, please contact Kristi.


Ongoing Business


Old Business



PO encumbrances since last meeting:

  • Earth Day t-shirts $500
  • 5R, Recyclemania printing
  • Plastic bag pick-up: $8

Balance as of 4/23/2012: $1,859.96

  • Adopt-A-Parking Lot signs $180-300
  • Interp Trail Sign Supplies: $300
  • Earth Day/5R/Recyclemania printing :$
  • Water bottle station: $700 (retrofit) $1300 (full) + installation


Next meeting

Next meeting is April 27th at 8:00 in the Student Life Conference Room


Notes Submitted by Kristi Heintz




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