2011 Greenhouse Gas Report Submitted

LSC has recently submitted its bi-annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report to the ACUPCC (American Colleges and Universities Presidents’ Climate Commitment) reporting site.  Here’s a quick summary:

Reporting Year 2008 2011
Building gsf 362,241 sq ft 362,241.0 sq ft
Student FTE 3,415 3,854
Type of Emission metric tons CO2e metric tons CO2e
Stationary Combustion* 965.0 1,121.0
Mobile Combustion** 111.0 120.0
Purchased Electricity 2,683.0 2,521.0
Commuting 5,906.0 6,348.0
Air Travel*** 494.0 256.0
Solid Waste 141.0 153.0
Wastewater 2.1 1.3
Paper 67.5 74.8
*burning of fuels to produce electricity, steam, heat, or power using equipment in a fixed location
**burning of fuels by institution-owned transportation devices
***all air travel paid for by or through the institution

Want more info?  Find it on the official ACUPCC Reporting site.


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