Meeting Minutes 2/24/2012

February 24th, 2012


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Amy Brooks, Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon

General Members present:  Anna Beaulieu, Dick Haney, Glenn Merrick,  Jeri Schwerin, Patty Dorn, Lance Lindgren, Kevin Lindgren, Heather Grillo

Guest Present: Beth Johnson



Spring Open House is March 16th from 3:00-6:00.  Kristi has reserved the EC a table for the day.  The table will feature recycling.

Duluth Bicycle/Pedestiran/Trail upcoming meetings and progress report Dick reported on some upcoming public meetings, hosted by The Healthy Duluth Area Coalition. Email Kristi or for more info.  Kristi will also post this to the LSC facebook page.  An article in the DNT also features details for the the public meetings and the free showing of “Carless in Duluth” at the Teatro Zuccone, Tuesday March 20th.  Read the full article here.

This also re-raised the question of our own campus accessibility and our lack of an entrance sidewalk.  Wade will bring this point to Al Finlayson’s attention.  The Council also agreed it would be a good idea to invite Al to a meeting to introduce ourselves.  Wade will bring this request to Al as well.


Work-Study & Work-Group Reports

RecycleMania: Amy and Beth reported on plans for the Recyclemania kickoff event planed for March 14th.  The event will promote the project and prompt individuals to start saving found items for recycling projects on Earth Day, including a recyclables sculpture contest, shopping bag “crocheting” and pop-tab bracelets.  Heather mentioned Event Planners will also be showcasing Pi Day on March 14th.  Kristi, Amy, Beth, and Lance will meet after the meeting to discuss more details of the day (see addendum below).

Vending Misers:  Lance and Wade checked the misers.  One snack machine is using MORE energy with the miser installed.  Kristi suggested they trade the vending miser for the snack miser to see if that makes a difference.  The vending misers are on a timer, and besides being activated by motion, will automatically turn on every few hours to keep the machine cold.  Snack misers don’t have that feature.


Ongoing Business

Food Service manager Search position  Dick and Cliff are both on the search committee for this position.  Wade, Deanne, and Kristi all forwarded ideas for sustainability related qualities we’d like to see in the position.  Dick shared the timeline and criteria the committee is using to base their interviews on, and also voiced his concern for the lack of emphasis being placed on nutrition and sustainability in the qualifications posted for the position.

Earth Day  Deanne contacted Elizabeth Nordell, a cultural story teller, and she indicated she would charge $200-$300 for Earth Day.  Wade said it is a culturally related event, so he would be able to pay for this.

Classroom Video: Patty followed-up with Kent about possibly showing a video in classes on Earth Day.  An idea was generated to contact Brandon to see if his class would like to do a short documentary on what LSC does for sustainability, then this could be shown in classes.  This would be a fantastic option for next year, as the timeline for this year is a bit short-notice.  Jeri suggested we use “The Majestic Plastic Bag”, a 4 minute Mocumentary on YouTube.  The Council reviewed the short film, and agreed it would be great.  Wade will embed it in a PowerPoint with some discussion points for faculty.  We will discuss the talking points at the next meeting.

Newsplash Sustainability Q&A This week’s newsplash will feature PTA’s glossy paper recycling fundraiser.  Ideas for the future include recyclemania (during week of March 14th), energy miser data, and stryo shredding update.


Old Business

Residential CFL recycling drop-off  Kristi messaged Sarah at WLSSD, and because the grant is specific to a long-term recycling drop-off site, they will not be able to sponsor us for event related drop-offs.  Sarah will bring out ideas to the committee and see if there’s any possibility of an event type project.



PO encumbrances since last meeting:

-Recyclemania promo material shipping: $12.14

Balance as of 2/22/2012: $2,379.37


Next meeting

Next meeting is March 16th  at 9:00 in the Student Life Conference Room


Addendum: Notes for March 14th Recyclemania Kick-off event

Where: Desk across from Student Life—we will find out if this can be used  as a “Re-Using” Center, where student can drop off plastic bags and pop-tabs, until Earth Day.  We can also have a receptacle for glossy paper recycling here.  Lance is working on designing a banner that we can hang here.

What Else: We will be unveiling the rules for the Earth Day sculpture contest.  Beth will put together a rule sheet.  There will be 3 prize categories 1. Creative use of materials 2. Most functional/usable 3. Biggest (outdoor, must be weatherproof)

And: We discussed t-shirts for Recyclemania and Earth Day.  Using the same design for both events would be ideal.  Kristi will find out from Mat who our vendor was in previous years.  Kristi will talk to Heather about ordering 100 shirts.  We’re still brain-storming on a slogan for the shirts, but will go with a basic brown or olive green with basic writing, possibly with an LSC logo.



Notes Submitted by Kristi Heintz



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