Meeting Minutes 2/10/2012


Location: Student Life Conference Room


Governing Council Members present: Carol Johnson, Cliff Koski, Lance Lindgren, Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon

General Members present:  Glenn Merrick, Jeri Schwerin, Megan Bugge, Kevin Lindgren




Work-Study & Work-Group Reports

SS Legacy Project update.  Zak Radzak, from the Senate Involvement Committee, attended the meeting to update the Council on the Legacy project.  The SIC and Kristi met with Jeff West of Boreal Natives last week to find out what their options were for seeding the space outside the library in native grasses.  Jeff informed them that the spring would be a time for killing off existing turf grass and planting could be done in the fall.   Spring could also be a good time to get started on walkways before seeding/planting begins.  Glenn spoke to the importance of working with the Env. Science faculty to incorporate educational tree plantings with the project, and also pointed out that Duluth Stream Corp may be interested in providing trees for the project as well.  Jeff was asked to put together a few different design options for the Senate to look over and take to Administration for approval.  Zak also discussed the Senate’s idea to propose a “student greens fee” to supplement the planting funding year after year.  The Council agreed we would be of help in any way possible.  Zak will keep us informed as plans materialize.

RecycleMania: Amy and Kristi did a walk-through of the loading dock to formulate a plan for tracking recycling.  Amy will also keep an eye on trash, to estimate what’s being dumped that could be recycled.  Beth is ordering promotional materials, but shipping will cost $12.14.  Theresa motioned the EC pay for shipping, Carol 2nd.  Kristi will work with Lance to start a comprehensive signage project for recycling.

Vending Misers:  Lance and Wade installed 4 Kill-A-Watt meters and some vending misers last week.  They will be taking the readings on Monday for the one week energy baseline.


New Business

LEED Workshop  Continuing Ed and Kraus Anderson are offering a LEED Associate Exam Prep Workshop.  It is a 3 day workshop, and registration is $200.  LSC gets 2 free spots, and if completed, would receive LEED points in certification for having a trained staff member employed.  Wade reported that as of now, there aren’t enough people signed up to run the course, but it hasn’t been canceled yet.  The first course is February 16th.  Kristi would be willing to attend it the course runs.

Toasy Toes Kristi gave Lolly her Toasty Toes foot warmer in the 2nd floor Admin Suite along with an informational flyer.

Residential CFL recycling drop-off  WLSSD has asked LSC if we’d like to be a compact fluorescent bulb drop-off site.  Prepaid buckets would be supplied, and the buckets would need to be monitored for proper handing and items being dropped off.  After much discussion, the Council agreed it may be a good option to be the host on a bi-annual or quarterly event, but continuous drop-offs may become over-burdening on maintenance.  Deanne will email Sarah at WLSSD and see if this would be an option, Kristi will talk with maintenance to get their feedback.

Food Service manager Search position  Kathy has sent out a request for search committee members for the Director of Food Service position beginning next fall.  Cliff has volunteered but isn’t available for some of the potential interview times, and Amy has also volunteered as a student representative.  Wade will work on some interview questions representative of the EC’s wishes.

Earth Day  Deanne suggested a story-teller, Elizabeth Nordell, with cultural perspective be brought to campus for Earth Day this year instead of music.  The cost of such a speaker can be shared with the Intercultural Center, Student Life, and the EC.  Deanne will find out how much the performance  fee is.  This could possibly be an outdoor activity on Thursday of Earth Week activities.

Newsplash Sustainability Q&A Kristi will send info on the saddle bags to Mat for next week’s newsplash.  The following week can highlight Lolly’s toasy toes.


Old Business

Recruiting brochure  The Council reviewed the current recruiting brochure and made suggestions for changes to the updated version.  Theresa will forward this information to Melissa Leno.

Living Green by the Lake re-cap: Deanne gave a recap of the Living Green Conference.  Overall, attendance was fair, but Deanne and Theresa made great contacts with other groups.  Deanne reported EcoRotery does monthly service projects, and would love to have students involved in their service projects.  Instructors could possibly work it into courses or offer the opportunity as extra credit.  Sustainable Twin Ports and Minnesota Power would both like to table at the LSC Earth Day festivities, Deanne forwarded their contact info to Heather.  Minnesota Power also extended an invite to LSC to participate in the “Power of One” program.  UMD uses this program, selling CFLs in their bookstore, and a portion of the sale goes to Student Life.  The concern was the bookstore may not have the space available, and we don’t have the on-ground housing that may drive a successful project.  Kristi will forward the information to Heather, Roger, and Connie to see if they are interested.



PO encumbrances since last meeting:

-IOS: 50 saddlebags + 1 foot warmer: $293.79

Balance as of 2/8/12: $2,398.56


Next meeting

Next meeting is February 24th at 9:00 in the Student Life Conference Room


Notes Submitted by Kristi Heintz



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