Meeting Minutes 10/14/2011

Location: Student Life Conference Room

MN Waste Wise Annual Meeting This year’s meeting will be held Thursday, November 17th, 2011 at Science Museum of MN, cost is $45 per person.  Deanne will be attending.  Kristi will send out an e-vote to cover her travel cost.
Styro Shredding  Kevin’s work-study spent a few hours shredding styro and it’s all caught up for now.  Over 50 bags were shredded and the material is listed on Craig’s List.  Thanks, Kevin!  The new shredding machine is still in production.
Northland Bioneers Conference: information has been updated on the website. Kristi will send this link out and also ask Student Senate if any of their members want to attend.

Sub-Committee Reports

New Business
WLSSD Field Trip November 1st
Environmental Council Structure Pat has requested more information on this.  The general feeling is the Council needs to establish some structured by-laws of some sort to answer questions such as: what is considered an “active voting member”, what is the chair-person term, etc.  A sub-committee needs to be formed to accomplish this.  More discussion at next meeting.
LSC Sustainability Page link is no longer on the homepage.  This webpage has been neglected and needs some serious upkeep before it can be more utilizable.
Campus Gardens Wade will talk with Tom Olson of Duluth Grill to potentially present on the benefits of raising food locally and to begin collaboration on the campus gardens project. -It would be a good idea to arrange a meeting with Brian (Student Senate), Pat, Cliff K, Theresa, and anyone else interested in the gardens project to get together to discuss potential ideas and possibly walk the property to discuss potential garden spots.
Rain Garden Signs are finished and Matt and Kristi spent the day last Friday digging holes and cementing support posts in.  Bill, Jason, and Gary all helped to get holes drilled.  Bill has ordered more tamper proof bolts/screws for the signs and Kristi will replace bolts and finish the install on Monday.
Earth Day/Week Activities Initial discussions should begin now, some potential new ideas include student research presentations and an art focus.

Old Business

FY12 Budget start: $5,000
8/8/11 Minnesota Waste Wise Membership: $150
8/9/11 Airpark Services for FY12 plastic bag pick-up: $208 for year
9/12/11 UMACS registration for 2 Student Senate members: $60
9/12/11 UMACS hotel: Best Northland Prairie Inn, Morris: $87.03
9/12/11 UMACS mileage & food reimbursement for Brett and Brian: $328.40
9/12/11 Kristi’s Sustainability Leadership Certificate: $550
11/1/11 AASHE Annual Dues: $260

Balance as of 9/16/11: $3356.57

Next meeting
October 28th, 9:00, Student Life Conference Room
Notes Submitted by Deanne Roquet

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