Meeting Minutes 9/30/2011

September 30th, 2011
9:00 Workforce Development Conference Room (E2028)

Faculty/Staff members present: Glenn Merrick, Jeri Schwerin, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Mat Gilderman, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon, Patty Dorn
Student members present:  Kathy Larson
Guests present: Brian Sanner, Lacy Munson

Second Nature Campus Sustainability Day webinar is October 26th.  Kristi will register our group and find a room for the webinar portion and send an email to anyone interested in participating.

Max needs people to shred styrofoam.  Please contact Kristi or Max for machine use training.  Donate some time to shred some styrofoam.  It’s a great project and they’ve done a lot of wonderful work for us, time to repay the favor!

Sub-Committee Reports
Living Green  Kristi and Wade gave an overview of the Living Green Conference.  There has been a steering committee formed with various community groups to work on plans for this year’s Living Green Conference which will be held in February.  Kristi asked if anyone from the Council would be willing and able to serve on the steering committee representing LSC.  Jeri said she would consider it; Kristi will forward information to her regarding the next planning meeting.

New Business
AASHE Dues  Based on our fall 2011 FTE numbers, our dues for AASHE this year is $260 and is due November 1st.  Wade and Kristi gave a brief description of the benefits of being a member of AASHE.  Kathy motioned to pay the dues, Theresa seconded it.

Fall Sustainability Newsletter  If you have any ideas or stories you’d like added to our Fall Newsletter, please get them to Kristi by mid-October.  Glenn suggested we add pictures from Stream Corp tree planting along with a re-cap of the GLISTEN project to date.

Old Business
Brian Sanner joined us and gave a re-cap of the UMACS Conference from last weekend.  He generated a plethora of great ideas for our campus and gave the group some ideas for future collaborative efforts between the EC and Student Senate.  Brian’s full report can be seen here: UMACS Report.  Kristi will follow up with Brain about the “Legacy Project” the Student Senate has been working on and find a way the EC can help them to move the project forward.

The Student Success Day table was great success as was the Early Adopters Project Documentary screening.  Kristi also had about 16 people participate in the “Experience Your Campus’ Eco Efforts” session.  The table generated some results for student and staff input on priority projects for the year.  Results are as follows:
-Edible Campus Gardens: 26
-Add fresh and local food to cafeteria menu: 33
-Reduce single-use plastic bottles, install bottle filling stations: 28
-Connect campus to city, non-motorized commuter paths: 7
Everyone seemed very enthusiastic about all the potential projects.  The EC will work with Student Senate on food related projects, as they’ve been working toward a similar goal for over a year.

Kristi sent Gary some information on the water bottle filling station.  After some convincing, Gary agreed to allow the Council to move ahead with a retrofit to an existing fountain in the new Health and Science building.  Kristi assured him it wouldn’t require any change to the plumbing.  Kristi asked the EC to agree to pay for the bottle filling station itself, around $500, and Gary may be willing to pay for installation.  Kristi will work with Gary to get this project moving.

Max and a student have finished with the rain garden signs.  Cost break-down for materials totaled about $380 and was paid for from the EC FY11 budget.  Square posts were also purchased and as soon as the signs are mounted to the posts, Kristi will work with her work-study and someone from maintenance to get the signs installed.  Kristi will also include this project in the Fall Sustainability Newsletter and list the name of the student that did the engraving.

Budget Report
EC balance YTD:

Beginning FY12 balance        5,000
8/8/11    Minnesota Waste Wise Membersip:    $150
8/9/11    Airpark Services for FY12 plastic bag pick-up    $208
9/12/11    UMACS Registration for 2 Student Senate members    $60
9/12/11    UMACS hotel: Best Northand Prairie Inn, Morris    $87.03
9/12/11    UMACS mileage and food reimbursement for Brett and Brian    $328.40
9/12/11    Kristi’s Sustainability Leadership certificate    $550    $3616.57

AASHE dues: Kathy motioned, Theresa seconded
Water bottle filling station: Kevin motioned, Kathy seconded

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be October 14th  at 9:00 in Student Life Conference Room.  Kristi sent out Outlook meeting invites for the next 3 meetings.

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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