Meeting Minutes 9/16/2011

9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Deanne Roquet, Glenn Merrick, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Jeri Schwerin, Patty Dorn
Student members present:  Kathy Larson
Guests present: Matt Edblad (Student Senate)

UMACS attendees Brian Sanner and Brent Tweet, both of Student Senate, will represent LCS at this year’s UMACS Conference.  The Environmental Council paid for one hotel room, registration, meal, and mileage reimbursement.  Kristi has asked them to share their experience at the next EC meeting.
City Bikeways and Trails Draft Master Plan is available for review on the City of Duluth website.  You can review the draft plan and post comments there or at one of the upcoming public meetings.  Deanne suggested looking into “SHIP” funds to better connect our campus to the city trail system/Trinity Road.  She will follow up with Dick  to find out if this has been previously discussed.

Sub-Committee Reports
Student Success Day The Council decided to use the SS Day table as an outreach tool to promote the SPA.  The Council decided also to incorporate some of the group’s top goals for the year and ask students to vote on which they feel is the most important issue to tackle.  Kristi will set up jars labeled with the following five goals related to the SPA: water bottle filling station, fresh & local cafeteria food, campus edible gardens, connection to city commuter paths/Trinity Road, “others”.  Kristi will get candy pieces to use for voting.  The ACUPCC banner will also be hung near the table.

Old Business
The Council agreed to look into the cost of purchasing a “Elkay” water bottle filling retrofit for an existing drinking water fountain.  Kristi will get and send information on these units to Gary and ask that one be put in the new building.  The Council will discuss funding for the unit after discussion with Gary.

New Business
Interpretive Trail Bridges Julie from Creation Station has mentioned to Glenn their inability to use Interpretive Trail because of the lack of a railing on the long bridge crossing Miller Creek.  Ideas were generated on how best to get this remedied with a railing.  Glenn will contact Roger Reinert about possibly using the project in a Civic Engagement class.  Funding was also discussed.  Home Depot was mentioned as a possible grant source.
Interpretive Trail Signage Funding for this project was also discussed.

Budget Report
EC balance YTD: $3,616.57
Beginning FY12 balance        $5,000
8/8/11    Minnesota Waste Wise Membersip:    $150
8/9/11    Airpark Services for FY12 plastic bag pick-up    $208
9/12/11    UMACS Registration for 2 Student Senate members    $60
9/12/11    UMACS hotel: Best Northand Prairie Inn, Morris    $87.03
9/12/11    UMACS mileage and food reimbursement for Brett and Brian    $328.40
9/12/11    Kristi’s Sustainability Leadership certificate    $550

No motions made
Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be September 30th at 9:00 in Student Life Conference Room.  Kristi will send out Outlook meeting invites for the next 3 meetings.

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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