Meeteing Agenda 9/16/2011

Location:  Student Life Conference Room

UMACS attendees update (Kristi)
Northland Bioneers Conference-Nov 12 @ Macalester (Deanne)
Reminder, SS day table: 10:00-3:30
-Kristi’s session “Experience Your Campus’ Eco-Efforts” 9:00-11:00, disk golf course clean-up at 10:00
-ALSO, “Early Adopter Project” screening in Student Lounge 10:00 and 2:30

City of Duluth Trails and Bikeways Master Plan Draft available for review at the City of Duluth’s website.

Sub-Committee Reports

New Business
EC Chair (S)election
DVD recycling collection (Carol)
MN Power Donation opportunity(Kristi)

This year’s goals and tracking

Old Business

FY12 Budget: $5,000
8/8/11 Minnesota Waste Wise Membership: $150
8/9/11 Airpark Services for FY12 plastic bag pick-up: $208 for year
9/12/11 UMACS registration for 2 Student Senate members: $60
9/12/11 UMACS hotel: Best Northland Prairie Inn, Morris: $87.03
9/12/11 UMACS mileage & food reimbursement for Brett and Brian: $328.40
9/12/11 Kristi’s Sustainability Leadership Certificate: $550

Balance as of 9/16/11: $3616.57

Next meeting
Friday, September 30th?

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