Meeting Minutes 4/15/11

9:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff members present: Carol Johnson, Cliff Koski, Glenn Merrick, Deanne Roquet, Kristi Heintz, Megan Bugge, Theresa Hornstein, Wade Gordon
Student members present:
Guests present: Katherine Hansberry (Student Senate), Kathy Larsen (student)

Disk Golf Course Public Meeting is April 29th, 11:00 in the Atrium.  Discussion will be led by the City of Duluth, more info as Kristi receives it.

Dick has been working with the City of Duluth on trail connectivity plans and submitted requests on behalf of LSC.  Mark W. has mentioned that once the City’s plans are finalized, these should be noted in the newest Facilities Master Plan in 2012.

This year’s plant sale will be April 27th and 28th.  Proceeds will go to the International Student Scholarship Fund.  The idea was brought up that, in the future, this money could potentially be put into a Sustainability Revolving Fund.

Sub-Committee Reports
SPA timeline
–Pat will take the Plan to the President’s Exec. Cabinet for review on April 27th, Gary K. will discuss public release with them as well.
–Release to campus via blog post and email May 2nd
–Submit May 6th

Old Business
Earth Day Recap
Overall, the day was a great success, although the arrangement of tables (not in the corridor) made tables less visible.  Heather did an amazing job organizing all events!  Patty did a fantastic job with the Michael Monroe concert/workshops and it seems they were well attended and the Atrium was a great place to house it.  Suggestions for next year’s Earth Day include: promoting more student booths representing more programs/courses throughout campus (solicit instructors for this at beginning of semester while they’re planning curriculum).

Rain garden signs: .pdfs have been given to Max.  Wade will talk with him soon to get a materials estimate so we can encumber these funds by the end of April.

Waste Wise Success Story is finished and is available on the blog.  A copy has been submitted to AASHE and Minnesota Waste Wise for publishing.   Mat will also use part of the story for The Wave and possibly a press release.

New Business
Kathy’s Plaque: We should encumber funds soon to make the plaque that will accompany the tree we are dedicating to Kathy Nelson.  The Council decided to use the same materials Max will be using on the rain garden signs and have them machine the plaque in a similar way.  Wade will discuss this materials cost with Max as well.  Wade and Carol will be work on wording for this plaque when we get to that point.

Sustainability Revolving Fund Wade, Deanne, Cliff and Kristi met with Kathy Dugdale and Mark Winson about the possibility of establishing a Revolving Fund.  Mark told the group to establish some parameters to follow regarding sources for funds, delegation of funds, and individuals that will be responsible for overseeing/delegating the funds.  Kristi will get in contact with Moorhead State and Bemidji State (the only 2 MnSCU institutions with a Student Eco or Green Fee) to see how they handle funds.  Cliff, Kristi, Wade, and Theresa will work on drafting a proposal.

Budget Report
EC balance YTD:

Date    Item    (-)    Balance
7/1/2010    Beginning FY11 Balance        $ 5000
7/9/10    MN Waste Wise Membership dues    $ 150    $ 4850
9/17/10    Waste Wise Annual Meeting Registration-Kevin & Kristi    $ 70    $ 4780
9/24/10    MN Waste Wise Meeting Mileage-Kevin & Kristi    $ 296.18    $ 4483.82
11/24/10    AASHE Annual Dues    $250    $ 4233.82
2/7/11    Online Cert. in Sustainability Leadership, Ithaca-Kristi    $550    $ 3683.82
2/8/11    Northland College Sustainability Meeting mileage-Kristi    $72.42    $ 3611.40
3/1/11    MN Waste Wise: plastic bag recycler    $150    $ 3461.40
3/1/11    Holtzman Betchel Co: 2 Rubbermaid compost bins    $253    $ 3208.40
4/5/11    Bobcat of Duluth: rent auger for trail head sign installation    $140    $ 3068.40
4/8/11    Four Seasons Outdoor Services: limestone for trial head    $125    $ 2943.40
4/11/11    MN Waste Wise: 2nd plastic bag recycler    $150    $ 2793.40
3/15/11    Printing YTD    $34.48    Current Balance: $ 2758.92

The Council agreed to look into the cost of purchasing a “Elkay” water bottle filling retrofits for a drinking water fountain.  This until will serve as a demonstration and use the remaining funds from our cost center.  Wade agreed to take the idea to Mark and ask that facilities match that fountain with another.  Kristi and Wade will look at the cost of purchasing and installing these units.

No motions made

Next meeting
Next EC meeting will be on April 22nd at 9:00 in Student Life Conference Room

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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