Meeting Agenda 12/17/2010

9:30 – 11:00

Location:  Student Life Conference Room


Thanks to Deanne, Cliff, and Carol for working on the SPA Abstract, Goals, and Tangible Outcomes sections last Thursday!  And thank you, Carol, for *volunteering* your proof-reading expertise for the SPA when it’s completed!

Watershed Festival: Planned for LSC and possibly running concurrently with WLSSD rain barrel sale (Kristi)

Printer cartridge and cell phone recycle boxes from IOS (Kristi)

Sub-Committee Reports

Living Green-further discussion

January Duty Day and work-group questions for Sustainability Plan of Action discussion (Kristi)

Arranging a meeting with Mark and/or Gary on the Financing and Energy portions of the SPA (Kristi)

Meeting with Kathy Dugdale in the BO on the purchasing portion of the SPA (Kristi)

Old Business

Double-sided printing, purchasing personal printers and duplex printers (Dan, Jamie)

Strategic Planning process- our input (Deanne)

New Business

Next meeting? SPA planning meeting before January 6th Duty Day?


FY12 Budget Planning

Date Item (-) Balance
7/1/2010 Beginning FY11 Balance   $ 5000
7/9/10 MN Waste Wise Membership dues $150 $ 4850
8/24/10 Print/Laminate 2 compost posters p  
8/25/10 Print/Laminate 2 energy miser posters p  
9/17/10 Waste Wise Annual Meeting Registration for Kevin and Kristi $70 $4780
9/24/10 MN Waste Wise Meeting Mileage for Kevin and Kristi $306 $4474
11/24/10 AASHE Annual Membership Dues $204 $4224

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