Meeting Minutes 9/10/2010

9:30 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff Members present:  Megan Bugge, Kevin Futhey, Wade Gordon, Kristi Heintz, Cliff Koski, Glenn Merrick, Deanne Roquet, Jeri Schwerin

Student Members Present: Tom Deschenes


Deanne, Glenn, Kristi, Kevin and Mark Winson met with Dr. Johns today about the Environmental Council’s future role.  Dr. Johns suggested we set annual goals and clearly define how those goals tie into the campus’ larger mission.  He was also supportive of the idea of having campus wide “buy-in” and accountability for each campus division being responsible for carrying out sustainable initiatives related to the Climate Action Plan and LSC’s Sustainability Mission Statement.

LEED Certification Ceremony is Monday, September 13th at 2:30.

Following a discussion on social media at last week’s meeting, Jeri has begun mustering support for a potential student run magazine.  This project is still in the very beginning stages and would be primarily available online.

Tom contacted the Disk Golf Club on campus and went to their meeting to discuss collaboration on clean-up efforts.  Kristi suggested we somehow try to combine efforts with some of the outdoor oriented clubs and possibly make them a part of the Environmental Outdoor club.  This would possibly create more long-standing projects and a diverse group of students.  Kristi and Jeri will arrange a meeting with Heather to discuss the possibility of maybe steering some of these students toward the Environmental Outdoor Club.

Sub-Committee Report

CAP IS DUE IN 116 working days !PLEASE HELP!

please review the documents below and add to/modify as you see appropriate.

     -Goals: Review and add to the list (SharePoint documents in Climate Action Plan folder)


Old Business

STARS 1.0: Kristi will bring the list to the next meeting so everyone can sign up for projects (sub-committees) they are currently a part of.

New Business 

Waste Wise Annual Meeting: October 19th at Mall of America.  Registration is $35 per person which includes lunch.  Kristi and Kevin will go if schedules permit.

Budget Report

No change from last meeting.


No motions were made at this meeting.

Next meeting

September 24th, 9:30 place TBD.

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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