Meeting Minutes 8/27/10

9:30 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff Members present:  Megan Bugge, Mat Gilderman, Wade Gordon, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Carol Johnson, Cliff Koski, Glenn Merrick, Deanne Roquet, Jeri Schwerin


This semester’s EC meetings will continue to be every other Friday morning at 9:30.  Kristi will try to secure the Student Life Conference Room for these meetings.  Individual workgroup meetings can schedule separate meeting times as needed.

Environmental Outdoor Club will have a table at Student Success Day.  Jeri would like volunteers to staff the table from 11:00-1:00 while she is in class.  Megan and Glenn volunteered.

There was discussion of doing collaborative work between Environmental Council and Environmental Outdoor (Student) Club and maybe clarifying the name so students aren’t confused on which is which.

Outdoor LEED signs were discussed.  A suggestion was made to salvage scrap metal from the new building and have them laser etched with descriptions of outdoor sustainable initiatives like rain gardens, no-mow zones etc.  Mat will chair a “signage” sub-committee, Carol and Jeri both volunteered to help.

The LEED dedication ceremony for LSC will be held Monday, September 13th between 2:00 and 3:00.  Gary K. is looking for an EC representative to say a few words at the ceremony.  Contact Wade if you are interested in speaking.

Sub-Committee Report 

Climate Action Plan: please review the documents below and add to/modify as you see appropriate.

-Goals: Review and add to the list (SharePoint documents in Climate Action Plan folder)


Kristi reminded everyone that the Climate Action Plan is due to be submitted by January 2011.

Kristi will bring a list of STARS “sub-committees” to the next meeting.

Old Business

It has been brought to Deanne’s attention that the kitchen is still close to out of compostable bags for separating pre-consumer food waste.  Kevin had agreed to follow-up on this, but may not have done so.  Deanne will follow-up with Kevin.

New Business 

Max Udovich, a new Machine Technology instructor, has taken over responsibility of organizing styro shredding efforts and contacted Kristi about possibly recruiting EC members or asking for funding to complete this task.  The Council discussed different classes in which this project could be included as a “service project” and several members of the Council also volunteered time to get the shredding caught up as it is piling up from recent computer purchases.  Kristi will email Max and let him know what we discussed, invite him to the next EC meeting to continue discussion, and EC members are encouraged to email him directly to volunteer time to shred.


A few representative members of the EC will be meeting with President Johns on September 10th at 8:30 to introduce him to projects and the mission of the EC.  Suggestions for items to bring to his attention include: the long history of the EC at LSC, the beneficial financial impact of projects we’ve initiated, emphasize the minimal, and very recent existence, of a budget the Council has worked from, our plans for this year and future, and also ask him feedback on how best to communicate with other campus groups that may have similar goals.  Theresa, Carol, and Deanne will work on the history and Wade will work on the financial benefit.  A small group will meet Thursday September 2nd at 2:00 to put together a list of discussion points.


Budget Report

Date Item (-) Balance
7/1/2010 Beginning FY11 Balance   $ 5000
7/9/10 MN Waste Wise Membership dues $ 150 $ 4850
8/24/10 Print/Laminate 2 compost posters p  
8/25/10 Print/Laminate 2 energy miser posters p  



No motions were made at this meeting.

Next meeting

September 10th, time and location TBD.

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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