Meeting Minutes 4/30/2010

8:00 Student Life Conference Room

Faculty/Staff Members present:  Wade Gordon, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Cliff Koski, Glenn Merrick, Deanne Roquet, Jeri Schwerin

Student Members Present: Tom Deschenes


Old Business/New Business 


FY10 remaining budget: about $2,350

-Earth Day t-shirts were paid through Diversity and EC will reimburse that cost center.  Deanne requested we order more shirts to give to those volunteers who didn’t receive one.  Deanne will talk with Mat about this.

-Deanne brought up the idea of giving Dr. Nelson the gift of a tree in honor of her support of the EC’s initiatives in the past as discussed earlier, but in light of her plans to move Wade suggested we plant a tree on campus near the new Health and Science addition when it is completed.  A plaque would accompany the tree.  Wade will work on the plaque wording, and this plaque would be presented to her during groundbreaking in June.

-The remaining FY10 balance will be used to employ Kristi through June 30th to work on the Climate Action Plan with Tom.

FY11 budget: the $5000 budget allocation was completed and Deanne posted the spreadsheet on the EC SharePoint.


Defining Work Groups

-A STARS organization workgroup was formed consisting of Wade, Glenn, Deanne, Cliff, and Kristi.  This group will meet Monday at 2:30 in W1834 to break down the STARS groups and align it with the MNSCU Annual Sustainability Report.

-A suggestion was made to implement the STARS recording system across MNSCU, Wade will follow up.  


One Year Goals & Projects

Define ourselves as a “Recommending Council” by developing a “Recommending Process” for:

          -example: investigate energy usage of 24/7 tv monitors and make recommendation for fix

      -Disk Golf Course: Adopt-A-Park utilizing skills of other departments + student volunteers

     -educating the campus on steps to follow when “green” ideas come up within departments or areas-i.e. first point of contact then follow through

And also by doing the following:

     -working with Gary Adams, President-Elect Johns, and Mark Winson on recommending process

     -developing a consistent pattern of communication with Facilities Management employees

     -facilitate training for maintenance crew through RSPT’s “Stormwater U”

     -making recommendations to IE and technology on the development of the sustainability webpage

-Climate Action Plan

-Collaborate with other organizations for Living Green

-Purchase Policy, Use Policy, Vender Policy, Waste Policy…

                -address ways to utilize our WasteWise membership and the reports they generate



Theresa motioned to use the remaining FY10 budget to employ Kristi through June 30th.  Glenn seconded the motion without opposition.

Next meeting


Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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