Meeting Minutes 4/16/2010

Faculty/Staff Members present:  Megan Bugge, Kevin Futhey, Wade Gordon, Heather Grillo, Dick Haney, Kristi Heintz, Theresa Hornstein, Carol Johnson, Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Julius Salinas


DJ McClain attended the meeting and he and Kristi demonstrated the new Environmental Council SharePoint portal site.  It will house the group’s calendar and will be useful when the Council and work groups begin creating and sharing documents.  Kristi also included a link to the EC blog from the SharePoint page.  Everyone is encouraged to take a look at the EC Retreat page and sign up for work groups, then come prepared to get those work group projects completed at our retreat meeting next week.

Gary and Mark will both be attending portions of the retreat relevant to them.  Kristi will finish the agenda and invite them both.

Sarah Lee, a student, attended the meeting as a possible new member.  She announced Joel Salatin’s lecture and reception about Fresh-The Movie, April 18th in Minneapolis.  Visit  for more information on Joel and Polyface Farms.

Sub-Committee Reports

-Carol suggested we include required capability of double sided printers in the purchasing policy as well as do away with personal, less efficient, printers.  She also noted that not all existing printers on campus have the capability to print on both sides.   This should be included in the Environmental Purchasing Policy in addition to using certain fonts(like Century Gothic) and backgrounds that use less toner.  NPR recently ran a story related to this.  

-Carol reported that most batteries are not recyclable and they should just go into the trash.  Some batteries are recyclable, like button batteries, and signs should be created to show what we can and cannot take.


Old Business



-Kevin was presented a framed speaking award for participating in the UMACS presentation!

-Cliff, Deanne, Kevin, and Kristi all reported on the useful information they all received at the conference.  Many ideas were generated and the pre-conference workshop on the Campus Carbon Calculator was incredibly informational.

                -Deanne suggested we initiate a “Local Food Day” or “Meatless Monday” etc. in the future

                -Kevin reported on UWRF’s strides in re-using materials from an old campus building as art in a new space


LSC Earth Day (April 22nd, 2010)

-Table: a sign-up sheet was passed around to staff the EC banner/table/commuting survey from 11:00-2:00

     -Deanne or Cliff will leave their laptops at the EC table so anyone can complete the commuting survey there

      -The survey will start on Wednesday; Kristi will send it out in an email

     -The first 30 people to come to the table and tell us they’ve taken the survey will receive a re-usable shopping bag.

     -The vinyl sign is here, Kristi will ask maintenance to hang it and also create flyers explaining the ACUPCC to post with the banner.

-T-shirts:  Wade will pick up and present the $50 book store gift card to the winner on Earth Day during the lunch.

-Advertisement: Mat has posted flyers, Heather will email Earth Day details.

-Many of the Animal, Vegetable, Miracle books have been claimed.  What’s remaining will be at Sarah Lee’s table on Earth Day for anyone to claim.  Everyone taking a book is encouraged to attend one of the future book talks.

New Business 


No motions were made at this meeting

Next meeting

The next meeting will be our retreat.  FRIDAY, April 23rd at 9:00 in the Student Life Conference Room. 

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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