Meeting Minutes 2/26/10

Faculty/Staff Members present:  Carol Johnson, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz

Student Members present:  Tom Deschenes



Styrofoam Shredding:  Mike Koppy has received a grant to build a larger styrofoam shredder.  It will shred smaller pieces and will have more safety features.   Some of the materials for the machine have been donated and are reclaimed.

Sub-Committee Reports


-The new battery recycling receptacle has been placed near the west entrance.

-Kristi checked into plastic bag recycling (look at the “It’s in the Bag” link for more info).  We can purchase a receptacle specifically for plastic bags for $145 from MN Waste Wise.  Airpark Products & Services will pick up the bags for a nominal fee weekly or bi-weekly.  Kate Worley will bring the receptacle to campus once we schedule a meeting with her if we choose to purchase one.  A motion is needed, discussion is tabled until next meeting.

-Recycled Paper

     -Kristi talked with Mike in the copy center about our campus not using recycled content paper.  She forwarded a link to him regarding the state legislative order on recycled content in copy paper.  Mike replied and intends to look into it.

     -Kevin suggested talking with Mark as well about the legislative order

Environmental Purchasing Policy

-Kristi is in the process of writing an LSC Waste Prevention and Purchasing Policy

     -Carol suggested the purchase policy include the need to only purchase printers with duplex capability and possibly add mandatory duplex printing to the usage part of the policy.

     -Tom will look into installing drivers on existing older computers to have the capability to duplex print.

-Kristi brought up the possibility of getting an Ionator or similar sanatizing tool to try and maybe incorporate a microbiology education project with it.  Kevin will talk with his rep.

Old Business


New Business



No motions were made at this meeting.


Next meeting

The next meeting will be Friday March 5th, 9:30 – 11:30 in the Student Life Conference Room.

PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE and DATE!  There has been confusion with the 9:00 change so we’ve decided to go back to 9:30.  We will have a meeting next Friday due to conflicting schedules this week and Spring Break during our next scheduled meeting date.

Submitted by Kristi Heintz

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