Meeting Minutes 2/12/10

Meeting Minutes 2/12/10

Faculty/Staff Members present:  Carol Johnson, Cathy Carlson, Deanne Roquet, Heather Grillo, Glenn Merrick, Julius Salinas, Kevin Futhey, Kristi Heintz, Mat Gilderman, Wade Gordon.

Student Members present:  Chandra Shoberg,  Svea Lindgren, Tom Deschenes

Guest: Connie Jamieson – Northland College, Environmental Council



Earth Day:  April 22nd

Heather Grillo attended to discuss Earth Day

Events will include:

-Campus Clean-up

-Food is being discussed

-A Band is being discussed

-Speakers: Carol will contact Dick about getting a bio on Paul Thompson who requires a $500 Speaker’s Fee (this will come out of the EC budget).

-Carol suggested a session about the beginning of Earth Day or a video to run throughout the day to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

-Wade suggested running a webinar that day if there is one available

-T-shirts : a design contest will run for 2 weeks, Mat will collect entries.  Svea suggested a LSC Bookstore gift certificate be given to the design winner (t-shirts and prize will come out of EC budget).

     -Design will include LSC’s name, the date, and preferably some type of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary motif.   

     -The t-shirts will be used for participants in trash clean-up and all volunteers will get one  

     -Earth Day bags from last year will also be utilized


Sub-Committee Reports


Carol suggested sending out monthly email reminders to all students/staff/faculty regarding recycling

  -A new email each month reminding people what LSC recycles and where

  -The possibility of a West End Recycling Center was brought up including batteries, plastic bags, light bulbs etc.

  -Kristi will look into plastic bag recycling

Interpretive Trail/Rain Garden

Glenn suggested we develop a management plan for the existing rain garden, it is in need of maintenance and is in our best interest to keep it up to ensure further collaboration with South St. Louis County SWCD and also to stay ahead of an eventual mandatory Storm Water Management Plan.

-Glenn and Kristi will meet with Keith Anderson of So. St. Louis Co. SWCD to develop a calendar for maintenance

-Education is lacking but imperative

  -Wade suggested we approach the President’s Cabinet with education/maint. concerns


Old Business

Living Green Conference:  February 27, 2010 @ LSC 10:00-4:00

-Svea has been posting flyers, please help distribute if you haven’t already

-Wade gave an update on events

     -Arne Vainio is the keynote speaker

     -There is a facebook link for the event – link will also be posted on the EC blog

     -There will be 12-15 break-out sessions, 9 have been covered

     -Student help is requested for registration

UMACS Update:  April 9th and 10th

Deanne and Carol submitted our proposal “From Composting to Curriculum”


New Business

Environmental Council Retreat

Sub-Committee formed: Carol, Deanne, Wade

  -the sub-committee will get together to discuss when and where

  -Deanne suggested an agenda item include development of a protocol for dealing with some of the projects and issues our group takes on.


Guest Collaborator

Connie Jamieson-Environmental Council Member -Northland College, Ashland, WI

Connie brought information and ideas from Northland College’s Environmental Council

Highlights include:

Northland’s EC hierarchy

-The group is primarily students and is co-chaired by the college’s Sustainability Coordinator (Clair Hintz) and a Student Chair Representative (work-study position).  The Council is then broken down into smaller work groups, each with a student work-study Group Chair.  These work groups meet weekly.  The Group Chairs then meet monthly as the Environmental Council to discuss progress.  Work is primarily done in the work groups.

-Some Work Groups include: Dark Skies Initiative Group, Re-Use Room Group, Greenhouse Gas Group (in the final stages of Climate Initiative- Action Plan)Landscaping Group (dealing with composting), Communications Group, Purchasing Group

Following Connie’s presentation of information, a suggestion was made to incorporate a work-study position or independent study credits for a student to work on LSC’s Climate Action Plan.

     -Tom showed interest in perusing this project as an independent study

     – a timeline and requirements will need to be discussed further


No motions were made at this meeting.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be Friday February 26, 9:00 – 10:30 in the Student Life Conference Room.

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