Meeting Minute 9/25/09

Members present:  Kevin Futhey, Carol Johnson, Theresa Hornstein, Deanne Roquet, Melissa Doolittle, Cliff Koski, Richard Haney, Jeri Schwerin, Cathy Carlson, Britt Johnson, Glenn Merrick, Gary Adams, Shannon Fries.


Deanne announced that Heather Grillo will Chair the Earth Day Subcommittee.

Jeri Schwerin announced that the 1st Earth Club meeting will be Monday 9/28/09 at 4:00pm.

Deanne announced that Rody Bowers Hughes was in charge of the PTK students & their sustainability efforts.

Deanne announced she will go to the meeting with MN WasteWise.

Cathy announced that the student kitchen workers are back next week and two are enrolled in college.

Deanne wondered about sustainability success stories writing project, Jeri said she would contact Janis about the idea.

Committee Reports

Kevin Futhey (recycling committee) said that Tom Tonkin will be taking charge of the committee and will keep the Styrofoam recycling going, and Kevin also said that the Kitchen/Grease recycling will take place again this year.

Glenn and Deanne spoke about having student participation in Glenn’s committee to work on projects like, Disk Golf Course erosion, posting signs along the hiking trail and other projects.  Glenn also spoke with Gary about how to include Facilities in the projects.  

Old Business

Sustainability in the Curriculum: Carol discussed a need for an “idea” session.  College outcomes have been revised to contain a sustainability component.  It has not been added to FYE because FYE already has many objectives.

Recycled Paper: Deanne suggested getting a class involved in researching recycled paper, via class project.  There is a need for training and support in setting printer defaults to double-sided. 

Sustainability in Purchasing Policy: Cathy and Kevin will invite new purchasing agent, David, to the next EC meeting.

Styrofoam Shredding: Tom Tonkin will take charge of this.

Environmental Council Membership: Shannon Fries will be serving as a temporary secretary for the council until Britt’s replacement has been hired.

Climate Plan: Cliff discussed a need to make a plan for the ACUPCC.  Wade indicated he would meet with Mark and Gary to discuss this.  The council discussed contacting UofM students to assist with the Climate Plan.

Cafeteria Coffee Cups: Cathy reported no reusable cups have been purchased from the cafeteria.  However, several people are bringing their own reusable cups and receiving a discount.  Carol will send out an email to advertise the reusable coffee cup savings.

Conference Room Coffee Cups: Emily will pick up the coffee cups for the Presidential conference room from Tanya in the Art Department.

New Business

Grants: Carol discussed the need for an EC subcommittee for grants, now that LSC no longer has a grant writer. 

Recognition: Deanne suggested that EC get formal recognition from the Administrative Offices.  Have an annual report and an energy policy.

Environmental Council Goals: Deanne discussed a need for the Environmental Council to set goals.   Goals will be posted to the blog. 

Environmental Specialist Position: The council discussed the Environmental Specialist position, and a need for clarification of job description before a search begins for new employee.   Britt said that on her PD, nothing was mentioned concerning EC.


No motions were made at this meeting.

Next Meeting

The next environmental council meeting will take place Friday, October 9, 2009 from 9:30 to 11:30am in Gary’s office.

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