Meeting Minutes 05/08/09

Members present:  Celeste Zuniga, Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Glenn Merrick, Julius Salinas, Kevin Futhey, Melissa Doolittle, Theresa Hornstein, Jim Drake, Erica LeMay, Erin Gregor, Britt Johnson.


Committee Reports


Worm building:  Theresa reported the worms have been granted an extension on their eviction to the end of the month.  Theresa has been sifting compost and will be selling it at the Plant Sale.  Gary Adams does not intend to move the worms until it is certain the science building will be built.  It has been discussed to convert the “Smokeshack” into a worm building, including greenhouse functions.  Theresa also reported Kathy Nelson informed her the Environmental Council is responsible for finding alternative disposal for food waste.  Jim and Theresa will work on ideas for replacement worm building locations. 


Old Business


Budget:  Missy reported the EC budget currently has $622 remaining, including in-house items.  $150 for Wastewise Membership is due 6/13/09.  Kevin will contact Kate Worley to request a 7/01/09 bill date for a FY10 budget expense.  Kathy Nelson and Mark Winson both approve and support LSC’s Wastewise membership.  Other budget items include AASHE membership and the UMACS conference.


Wastewise:  Kevin will request another copy of the Wastewise report from Kate Worley’s site visit. 


PHEV Prius:  Dennis Godfrey sent a note to the council about the PHEV Prius project.  The Prius has arrived and the parts to convert it are getting POs.  They will drive the vehicle and collect data for 2000 miles and then do the conversion and collect more data.  More information will be coming, including media coverage.


Open House/Earth Day Posters:  Erica reported $86 in costs for laminating the “green” posters for the LSC Open House and Earth Day.


Duty Day:  Deanne reported the Environmental Council came in 3rd of 9 for the IE grant request.  No funds are guaranteed at this point.  Hosting Deb Rowe will cost $5500.  The EC requested $1000 be budgeted for Duty Day.  Mary Nienaber said HR would cover $2000 in expenses.  This will cover a half day visit from Deb Rowe.  Deanne is working to locate other funding sources such as Customized Training, which could involve an evening presentation.  Student senate, CTL, and UMD are other possible areas of involvement.  Other presenters considered for duty day are Rick Carter of LHB, Kate Worley of Wastewise, Connie Jamieson, WLSSD, etc.  The council voted in favor of funding at least one-half day hosting Deb Rowe for Duty Day.


Schools Cutting Carbon:  Deanne reported two Kill-A-Watt meters are now in place in computer labs at LSC and are being monitored by Ben Smith.  More monitors will be put in place once arrived.  Monitors will also be available for check-out through the library.


IE:  Deanne, Kevin, and Wade are on the IE Action Project working to develop a focus and framework for LSC’s sustainability efforts including a policy statement.  This is one of five action projects being developed at LSC by the IE committee to meet AQIP requirements.

New Business


2009 Pearson Sustainability Solutions Award:  Glenn will pursue this award.  Deadline is November 2009.


Website:  Deanne reported Carly, LSC student, has completed the website highlighting sustainability and environmental efforts of LSC.  Carly developed the website to fulfill requirements of a course she is taking here at LSC.  The website will be turned over to Steve Fudally and should be available for viewing soon.


Energy Inventory: To heighten awareness for fall Duty Day, Kathy Nelson asked Kevin and Wade to inventory equipment left on at night at LSC.  Kevin reported a large number of items left on (fans, lights, etc.) and also a large number of heaters, microwaves, and refrigerators.


Tree Planting:  Glenn reported 250 trees and 100 shrubs were planted by Environmental Science students along the stream.  The purpose of the planting was northern hardwood forest restoration and erosion control on the interpretive trail.


Styrofoam:  It has been suggested that we submit an article about the shredder and students to the Community College Times which is a publication of the American Association of Community Colleges at 



Deanne announced two upcoming events:

·         Green By Design, June 10-11, 2009, Minneapolis


·         Sustainability Education Workshop, June 22-26, 2009, Northland College, Ashland, WI





The council voted in favor of funding at least one-half day hosting Deb Rowe for Duty Day.


Next Meeting

To be determined.

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