Meeting Agenda 04/24/09

Please note:  If you would like to have a paper copy of the agenda at the meeting, please print it out.  Paper copies will not be provided.

1.       Old Business


2.       Committee Reports


3.       Erin Gregor, LSC Student, new Environmental Council member (Deanne)


4.       Trayless Cafeteria (Cliff)


5.       UMACS Membership/Involvement (Deanne)


6.       Pearson Higher Education – 2009 Pearson Sustainable Solutions Award (Glenn)


7.       Deb Rowe, Fall Duty Day (Deanne)


8.       ListServe, events (Britt/Cliff)

9.    New home for the worms (Theresa)

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  1. Theresa hornstein April 23, 2009

    We need to add finding a new home for the worms to the agenda. They are being evicted as of May 15th.


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