Meeting Minutes 04/10/09

Members present:  Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Dick Haney, Glenn Merrick, Julius Salinas, Kevin Futhey, Theresa Hornstein, Jim Drake, Erica LeMay, Britt Johnson.

Committee Reports

Earth Day:  Earth Day speakers are planned to speak in the internet café.  There was discussion as to whether this should take place in the lounge instead.  Glenn and Dick will talk to Celeste.  Glenn will be introducing Ken Gilbertson.  Steve Wagner will be introducing John Stetson.

Old Business

The EC budget currently has about $3300.  Upcoming expenses include trail signage ($500), trail brochures, Wastewise conference attendance, UMACS attendance, LSC Open House poster lamination.

Cliff and Dick are planning to attend the UMACS conference in May/June.  Deanne may also attend.

New Business

The Environmental Council welcomed new member Erica LeMay, Admissions Representative.

Deanne, Carol, and Britt will meet and work on a new format for the EC meeting agendas.  An “announcements” section needs to be added.  There is a need for a system for EC members to submit agenda items.

Julius contacted Mellin Promotions regarding tote bags for the EC to give out on Earth Day.  Mellin Productions will make 500 forest green tote bags with the LSC logo for $880.00, including shipping.  The council voted and approved the purchase of the tote bags.  During the time of the meeting, Julius worked with Melissa Doolittle and acquired a PO for the tote bags.  Mellin Promotions will have the tote bags shipped before Earth Day activities at LSC. 

Erica talked about the LSC open house taking place on Friday, April 17, 2009 from 3-6pm.  This year’s open house has a “green” theme.  Campus Ambassadors are creating posters to highlight “green” efforts at LSC.  Erica appealed to the EC to pay for the lamination of the posters so they could be stored and used at future LSC functions.  Cost of lamination will not cost more than $300.  The council voted and approved the allotment of up to $300 for the lamination of the posters.

Erica asked the EC for booth participation in the LSC Open House.  Deanne will be at the Biology booth, and Cliff will be at the Civil Tech booth.  Deanne and Cliff asked Erica to place the Biology, Civil Tech, and EC booths next to each other so Deanne and Cliff can also be available for the EC booth.

Erica is in the process of updating the campus ambassador tours.  She asked for a small description of various “green” projects around campus to include in the tours.  Deanne will email Erica information she gathered as part of her Award of Excellence.  Erica also mentioned she needs to recruit more Campus Ambassadors.  Please send potential students her way.    

Jim suggested a coffee cup sleeve decorating contest for Earth Day.  The purpose would be to encourage re-euse of the coffee cup sleeves.  EC members discussed that there was probably not enough time to hold the contest this year, but we should keep it in mind for next year.

LSC will be awarded a $500 grant as part of the Schools Cutting Carbon program.  Ben and Frank will be measuring electrical use in the computer labs to assess electricity waste from computers that are “asleep” but on.  However, there is concern as to when the $500 will arrive.  There are only 5 weeks of the semester remaining, and the project is intended to be student-run.

Deanne, Cliff, and Britt met with Mindy Granley, UMD’s Sustainability Coordinator on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 8:00am at Bixby’s.  Everybody is welcome to join at the next meeting on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 8:00 at Bixby’s.  Mindy will invite Janice Creedy from UWS.  Mindy agreed to share expenses of hosting Deb Rowe during LSC’s Duty Day.  Mindy will arrange to have Deb Rowe speak at UMD also. 

Customized Training is looking into a program “Communicating the Business Case for Sustainability”.   The city of Duluth will be utilizing this program.  The goal of the program is to change the face of sustainability in the business world, making sustainability an integration that improves efficiency, rather than a side project that costs money.   Videos and books are available.

Kevin reported that Wastewise is holding its own Earth Day on April 23 at 7:30am.  The EC voted in favor of sending one person from the EC to that meeting.

Kevin and Britt are in need of styrofoam for shredding.  There is now a supply shortage of styrofoam chunks.  Kevin will talk to Gary Kruchowski and Mat Gilderman.  He will also talk to AJ at WLSSD.


The EC voted in favor of purchasing 500 forest green tote bags with the LSC logo for $880.00, including shipping.  The tote bags will be handed out during LSC Earth Day activities.

The EC voted in favor of the allotment of up to $300 for the lamination of the posters for LSC’s Open House on Friday, April 17, 2009.

The EC voted in favor of sending one person from the EC to the Wastewise Earth Day.

Next Meeting

The next Environmental Council meeting will take place Friday, April 24, 2009 at 10:00am in Gary’s office.


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