Retreat Minutes 04/02/09

Members present:  Carol Johnson, Celeste Zuniga, Cliff Koski, Deanne Roquet, Dick Haney, Julius Salinas, Kevin Futhey, Melissa Doolittle, Wade Gordon, Diane Morin, Britt Johnson.


Council at Large

·         Next fall, EC meetings will continue to meet every-other-week, but will alternate between Thursdays at 2pm and Fridays at 9am.  An outlook calendar notification will be set up.


·         Each subcommittee will be responsible to meet, discuss and define subcommittee mission statement and goals.  The chairperson will report outcomes at the final EC meeting of the year, May 8, 2009.  Carol will send an email with further information regarding this.  Subcommittees could also have an annual report.

·         Wade and Diane will work on a complete restructure of the EC using a more traditional board structure.

·         A need to appoint Cathy T. as the EC’s marketing/PR liaison was discussed.


·         Remaining budget money may allow for the hire of a student worker.  This student could assist in several EC projects, including educating staff and faculty on appropriate usage of saddle bags.

Subcommittee Creation

·         Ideas for activities/projects for subcommittees can be brought to EC meetings.  New subcommittees may be created as needed.

Membership Goals

·         EC needs representation from Allied Health and Nursing Department.  Lorrie Fox is interested in joining the EC.  Deanne will contact Lorrie about remaining meeting dates for the EC this year.

·         The EC would like the LSC Student Senate to appoint a liaison.  Carol will contact Student Services and Student Life regarding this. 

·         Deanne has been working to recruit future LSC students and EC members through the Schools Cutting Carbon (SCC) Program.  Two Harbors and Proctor High Schools are also involved in the SCC Program

Creative Strategy for Campus Wide Involvement

·         EC should present at each duty day to report efforts and accomplishments.  This is also an opportunity to invite new members to the EC.

Worm Building

·         Wade and Kevin will look into moving the worm building when the new Science/Health building is constructed.

Incorporate Sustainability in the Campus Mission

·         IE is currently focusing on green efforts.

Duty Day Planning

·         If the EC is not the recipient of an IE grant, there may be money available from human resources through Mary Nienaber.

·         Presenters planned include Deb Rowe ($7500) and Connie Jamieson. 

Budget Planning

·         Carol and Wade will be working on FY10 budget.

·         FY10 Budget items planned/suggested:

o   Conference fees/Travel                                                           $1500

o   Earth Day Events                                                         $1000

o   Memberships (AASHE, Wastewise, etc.)                     $500

o   Student Worker                                                                        $4600

o   Supplies and Equipment                                                          $500

o   Printing                                                                                    $200

o   Community Alliance                                                    $750

o   Vending misers (5)                                                      $150

o   Kiosk                                                                           $2500

o   Office recycling bins

o   Reusable shopping bags to be given away at Earth Day events

Note:  Kiosk would be located outside Student Services.  It would be for general information use, but screen would default to sustainability topics.

Vision and Mission Statement

·         Mission statement needs to be revisited.


·         Deanne submitted the project proposal for the Schools Cutting Carbon Program.  This will likely result in a $500 grant.   The proposed project involves the purchase of 5 Kill-A-Watt monitors ($50 each) to quantitate wasted electricity by computers in LSC computer labs.  The remaining funds will be used to purchase software that will reduce energy use through shutdown or hibernation of CPUs.  This project will be led by Frank Niffenegger and Ben Smith.

·         Coffee mugs and trays will be ready for the Presidential Conference room by May 4. 

·         Carly, an LSC student, will be working on an EC website to publish President’s Climate Commitment (PCC) reports.

·         The EC needs to come up with a “brand”.  A “logo” is not allowed according to LSC policy.

·         On Earth Day, speakers will be presenting in the Internet Café.

·         Deanne is meeting with Mindy Granley, UMD Sustainability Coordinator, over breakfast at Bixby’s at 8am on Tuesday, April 7, 2009.  All EC members are invited to join.

Next Meeting

The next Environmental Council meeting will take place on Friday, April 10, 2009 at 10:00am in Gary’s office.  The remaining two meetings for the school year are April 24 and May 8.  


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