Retreat Agenda 04/02/09

Draft Agenda- Environmental Council Retreat


I.             Structure Outline

                A.            Council At Large

                                1.            Regular Meeting Times

                                2.            Reporting Duties

B.            Subcommittees

                                1.            Subcommittee Meeting Times

                                2.            Duties

                                3.            Goals

                C.            Staff

                                1.            Duties

                                2.            Goals

II.            Subcommittee Creation

A.      Marketing Subcommittee Creation

B.      Events Subcommittee Creation

III.           Membership Goals

                A. Departmental Representation

                B. Student Representation

III.           Creative Strategy for Campus wide involvement

IV.          Worm Building

V.            Incorporate Sustainability in the Campus Mission

VI.          Duty Day Planning

A.      With Grant

B.      Without Grant

VII.         Budget Planning

VIII.        Vision and Mission Statement


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