Meeting Minutes 02/20/09

LSC is a member of Minnesota Waste WiseMembers present (2/13/09):  Carol Johnson, Celeste Zuniga, Deanne Roquet, Julius Salinas, Kevin Futhey, Theresa Hornstein, Frank Niffenegger, Diane Morin, Jim Drake.


Members present (2/20/09):  Deanne Roquet, Glenn Merrick, Heather Grillo, Julius Salinas, Kevin Futhey, Stacy Johnston, Frank Niffenegger, Britt Johnson. 

February 13, 2009

The Environmental Council welcomed three new members:  Frank Niffenegger, Diane Morin, and Jim Drake.

Deanne and Kevin talked with Mark Winson regarding his resignation.  He will talk with the President’s Cabinet to determine who will be the administrative representative to the Environmental Council.

Deanne has set up a “when is good” survey to determine the best date for the Environmental Council retreat.  Deanne will report the preferred date once determined.

Mindy Granley, UMD’s sustainability coordinator, suggested that LSC Environmental Council representatives begin monthly meetings with other colleges in the area to discuss sustainability.

Deanne suggested developing a Power Point presentation or an annual report on the Environmental Council accomplishments.

Diane Morin will be attending the Building Green Conference at The Inn on Lake Superior on February 26, 2009.  The conference focuses on economic development in the green economy, regional building, testing requirements, and green building standards and codes.

Celeste will recruit a member from student services to join the Environmental Council.  She will also draft and email Deanne the draft retreat agenda.


February 20, 2009

On Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 4:30, Deanne attended a webinar intended as a kickoff for the Schools Cutting Carbon (SCC) Program.  The organizers of the SCC program announced that members need to meet two goals by Friday, February 27, 2009.  First, a team needs to be assembled, including the project leader (Deanne), an administrative representative, a facilities representative, and an LSC student.  Second, the team needs to submit carbon data.  Deanne will be recruiting student involvement in the SCC program on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 11am in the Internet Cafe.  Once the carbon data is submitted, representatives from the SCC program will do a site visit and make recommendations.  The LSC team will then write a grant proposal to the SCC program.  Funds will be announced and awarded next fall.  At this time, Proctor and Two Harbors High School are the only other local schools involved in the SCC program.  There is potential for collaboration with these other schools.

Heather is working to get the student Environmental Club going again.  She was contacted by an organizer of Grandma’s Marathon, and asked if there might be a group of students interested in picking up and sorting through trash/plastic bottles.  Heather will be sending out an email to survey interest in the Grandma’s Marathon event.

Kevin and Heather presented pictures of the LSC recycling bins.  The recycling bins are a big success!  Recycling bins are full, and regular waste is minimal.  Many recycling stations have been added, and there are more to come.  Kevin clarified that the small blue recycling bins in the classrooms are for ALL recycling (single sort), not just paper.  Heather suggested that the pictures be used for PR for Earth Day.

Several EC members discussed a need to improve PR for the sustainability efforts around campus.  Deanne discussed the possibility of working with marketing students, under the direction of Mike Flipson.  Julius discussed the need to make the marketing apply directly to people’s lives.  Glenn discussed the need to get space on the Senate tabloids.  Frank spoke with the Student Senate President and Vice-President, and was told that this is possible on the next tabloid posting in about 6 weeks.  Deanne will contact the PR committee about arranging this.  Kevin spoke with Gary Kruchowski about posting the Environmental Council minutes as a blog on the LSC website.  In the future, Britt will post minutes to the blog, once it is set up.

Deanne reported that Duluth Mayor Don Ness has implemented a “No Idling” policy for the City of Duluth vehicles. 

Heather discussed plans for the LSC Earth Day.  She discussed possible events, speakers, locations and whether the event should be one or two days.  Attendance to speakers has been poor in the past, so there will likely be one speaker, with a large effort to increase attendance.  Speakers will likely be arranged around specific classes that could attend to increase visibility.  A campus trash pick-up is planned.  Student Life and Maintenance have gloves, bags, and vests for this event.  EC members discussed a need to hold a contest, offer food, etc. to increase involvement.

Mike Koppy is going ahead with the construction of the commercial styrofoam shredder and will house the unit in the carpentry building.  Heather requested the shredder be completed by Earth Day 2010 so that it could be highlighted in the Earth Day events.  Student life is currently paying for student groups to shred the styrofoam, but is unable to continue funding the shredding.  Heather requested the EC take over the remaining needed funds for the year (about $100).  Britt will look into the possibility of selling the shredded styrofoam to local businesses.

The next Environmental Council meeting will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, March 6, 2009 in Gary’s office.


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