To Tell the Truth

For me it was kind of hard to tell which one was telling the truth. Becky seemed like the most unsure of how to answer the questions, which was a hint that she wasn’t telling the truth. The biggest piece of information obtained that Becky wasn’t telling the truth was when she said, “my mom gets her income from babysitting my aunt’s kids.” This is a difficult way of drawing in an income. I thought Chandra did a good job with her responses because I couldn’t tell which one was lying. She did have kind of elaborate responses though, such as they each had different methods of waking up. Mallory seemed like she was telling the truth also, which she was. I think when people asked about what her parents did for a living, her response, “my father is a computer transcriptionist and my mother was unemployed,” was a pretty realistic response to what kind of job a deaf person can actually have.

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