Peer Reviews

When I read the papers of others I was¬†impressed with how well they turned out. For the most part I found few mistakes and they seemed like solid essays. I got some decent feedback from my peers. I kind of wish they were more critical as I don’t think I really deserved the good scores. I found a couple of things that needed work like the grammer and word usage in my paper. I think the feedback from the professional was more helpful than the peer reviews because they are more credible than college students. I was satisfied with the information I got from the MCL tutor.

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  1. Steve April 27, 2009

    I’m glad it was a good experience for you. do you think you learned much from reviewing the essays of others?

  2. Marsha April 27, 2009

    I think that those who did your reviews were afraid of hurting your feelings. That was probably why they were so giving to you!!


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