“The Economy Cartoon”

My subject of interest for this blog is the economy cartoon. Obviously the point to this political cartoon is that people’s mindset when buying things, escpecialy expensive items, is that instead of benefiting the store, they are benefiting the economy. I think this is a very real point. For example, last summer I finally received my economic stimilus check, which I then cashed and headed to Nevada Bob’s Golf, where I bought a rather expensive golf bag. As I was buying it my exact thoughts were, “this is for the economy,” so I can certainly relate. The audience for this cartoon would be an American one ages 19-120. I don’t necesarily think this cartoon will change anyones’ mind; maybe just people who buy expensive things who don’t already think of the economy. I doubt this cartoon would make anyone angry as it’s very light-hearted, however it might make somewhat selfish people think of the big picture, which is America and the failing economy.

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  1. Carmen January 26, 2009

    Most people who go out and buy clothes and purses and whatever the girl was buying in the cartoon, arent buying them for the economy. Their buying them for their closet. Maybe this cartoon will help people realize what they are supporting however.

  2. Chandra January 26, 2009

    I think that the girl pictured is using the economy as an excuse or a justification for purchase items which she doesn’t really need with her credit card.

  3. jucarlso January 27, 2009

    The women is buying for the economy and buying the clothes she does’nt want them, just helping out economy.

  4. 320stevenreynolds8888 January 29, 2009

    I loved the fact that she whipped out the credit card!

  5. Ian Porter January 29, 2009

    That is very true about the stimilus check. The gov’t sent you a check to buy something to help out the economy. It is a very good way to think about purchasing items. Every time you do it, you are supporting America.


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