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Dear Mother

Dear Mom,

This semester has been challenging. I have had a very heavy homework load but I am still grinding it out. If I had to do this semster over again i would probably just quit. It has been trying. Overall I think I did well, I wish I would have spent a little more time studying math. In ten years I will remember everything that has happend outside of school, and probably will remember little about my classes. I hope I forget how stressed I was for most of the semester. Summer is almost here. Thank God.

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Peer Review

I feel like I received some really good peer review feedback. I had a couple of silly but important spelling errors that were simple but changed the whole sentence, (people spend 21 HOURS on facebook instead of 21 minutes). Those little errors are mostly what everyone pointed out. That was very helpful. I only have 3 peer reviews at this time. I can’t say anything was least helpful. However there was a pretty big difference between my peer reviews and my smarthinking review. I received three whole pages of lessons from smarthinking. I thought that might have been a little overkill.

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First draft

I would have to say it was mildly painfull. I followed my outline pretty closely but I changed up a few things and added a few things. It took me around three days to actually feel like I was close to being done, and I started running out of things to say.  I had no aha moments. None at all. All in all I would say that my paper is probably pretty boring.

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my community partner

My community partner is W-trek in downtown duluth. I have already had contact with them on both myspace and facebook. They are located at

W-Trek Outfitters
230 E. Superior St.
Duluth, MN

I don’t know who specifically I will talk to yet, I don’t know who runs the facebook/myspace sites.  I plan on asking them…

   when and why did you start putting your business on facebook and myspace?

  what has been the most noticable effect of having these sites?

  have you had any negative experiences with these sites?

  in what ways do you use these social networking sites?

  has myspace/facebook changed the way businessess interact with the community?


  -In the end I hope to get a sense of how a typical business uses social networking sites and what the greatest benefit is.


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Continuing Research

I’ve narrowed my research to how companies are using facebook, myspace and twitter to advertise.  The big thing in advertising right now is using social networking sites. The only problem I am running into is that it is such a new thing that none of the books about this type of marketing are availablie in the library system. That leaves me kind of stuck because these books do exist, I just cant get my hands on them without having to buy them off of amazon.  My paper is still about social networking sites changing the world, just narrowed down to the marketing aspect.

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My Topic: How youtube has changed the world

I havn’t really decided between facebook or youtube. both have made significant changes in the world we live in.  I think this can easily take up 6-7 pages.  I could research:

 what different kinds of people use these sites and for what reasons.

What have been some negative and unforseen consequences?

what have been some positive consequences?

I could interview local buisinessess that use either of these web sites for advertising any other reason.  Lots of local groups use facebook to get their events out to the public.

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Marriage Protection Amendment

I read a couple of these case studies, specifically Rick Santorum “The meaning of Family” and Maggie Gallagher “What Marriage is for”. A couple of points stuck out to me. The idea in Santorums article that links low fertility somehow to gay marriage. That if we allow same sex marriages, people will have less children. I fail to see the link. Whether they can marry or not, gay people will live together and build lives together.  Gallagher makes a similar argument that the purpose of marriage is to make babies. Fine, but the purpose of allowing people of the same gender to marry is not to undermine straight peoples baby making abilities, or to mimick traditional marriage. What it boils down to is rights. If two people create a home and a life together for twenty years they should be afforded rights. If you don’t want to call it marriage then call it a civil union or whatever, I’m sure homosexuals can handle the compromise. It amounts to making a group of people second class citizens. If thats your thing then you’re joining a long history of people like you that have long been in the position of power to look down at a minority and decide for them whats best for you.

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Spring Break

   Well I could not make my spring break sound fun if I tried. I slept a lot. I mean A LOT! I played some ski-ball at Thrillz ( I would not recommend this place as everything seems to be broken) and I tried to straighten out my personal finances and what-not. I wish I could say that I went to Mexico and hung out with some famous person, but I did no such thing. I hung out in Duluth and shoveled snow. However, it is Friday and I have some friends coming to visit over the weekend so I will try to make up for the whole week in two days. If I’m not in class on Monday, you will know why. Ha Ha, ok I will make it to class. Hope everyone had a better break than I did.

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To Tell the Truth

   I thought Annalise was telling the truth. One reason is that she didn’t feel the need to have an answer for every question asked. She was comfortable with not knowing the answer. It seemed like the other two were copying eachothers answers to questions. For instance, both of their Great Grandfathers were named George and they were amature hockey players. Although Justin looked relaxed, he seemed to be rambling and searching for the answer when he spoke. Lastly, a member of team two just happend to know the name of the guy who invented scotch tape and it was the name Annalise gave. Although she didn’t have a lot of details, she definately knew his name and correct spelling. That sealed the deal for me.

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