Marriage Protection Amendment

I read a couple of these case studies, specifically Rick Santorum “The meaning of Family” and Maggie Gallagher “What Marriage is for”. A couple of points stuck out to me. The idea in Santorums article that links low fertility somehow to gay marriage. That if we allow same sex marriages, people will have less children. I fail to see the link. Whether they can marry or not, gay people will live together and build lives together.  Gallagher makes a similar argument that the purpose of marriage is to make babies. Fine, but the purpose of allowing people of the same gender to marry is not to undermine straight peoples baby making abilities, or to mimick traditional marriage. What it boils down to is rights. If two people create a home and a life together for twenty years they should be afforded rights. If you don’t want to call it marriage then call it a civil union or whatever, I’m sure homosexuals can handle the compromise. It amounts to making a group of people second class citizens. If thats your thing then you’re joining a long history of people like you that have long been in the position of power to look down at a minority and decide for them whats best for you.

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