Constructing a Rubric, Stage 2


Introduction to Rubrics, Chapter three.


Stage 2: Listing

In this stage, rubric developers are asked to list both class or core objectives and then list  highest expectations for the specific assignment.

 In my poem one assignment, the class outcomes that relate to this assignment are: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic vocabulary of fiction, poetry, and journal writing.
  • Experiment with fiction, poetry, and journal techniques.  
  • Develop authority, point of view, and individual voice and style in their writing. 

 Here are my ideas on highest expectations for the poem one assignment: 

  • Includes the required poetry elements of the assignment (four of the following elements:  an end-stopped line, a run-on line, an enjambed line, an original metaphor, an original simile.)
  • Ideas/themes in the poem are enhanced by the poetic techniques
  • Paper has correct heading and formatting
  • Poem is submitted in the dropbox correctly  
  • Poem has a meaningful title
  • Word choices in the poem are original, precise, and thoughtful
  • Poem shows the author’s style and point of view clearly and in an original manner  
  • Poem uses grammar and punctuation purposely (if rules of standard written English are not followed, there should be clear poetic reasons)

These expectations will be used to create the dimensions for a rubric.


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